Sunday, November 8, 2009

On Blogging and the FTC

The time has come for me to address an issue that has recently blown up all over the blogosphere. As many have already heard, the FTC has issued a new set of regulations requiring that bloggers provide full disclosure on their posts. Mainly, if a blogger receives a product for free to review, that blogger must tell their readers that in the post. Many of my peers have already voiced their opinions and concerns on the FTC's decision, and after thinking about it I have decided to voice my own opinion.

Please note that the following is only my opinion. I am not an expert by any stretch, just a beauty blogger who is passionate about what she does.

When I first started Krasey Beauty, my only goal was to bring the latest and greatest in beauty to my readers. I am extremely fortunate that I live in New York City, and therefore have accessibility to almost anything the beauty world has to offer. Discouraged that not everyone has the ability to directly share my experiences, I took it on as a personal mission to make others feel like they are a part of it all. I don't joke when I say that I am obsessed with beauty, and this blog in time became an outlet for my thoughts, daydreams, and creative energy. While I do receive products from brands and their PR reps, I am not in it for freebies. In fact, I have purchased more than 80% of my extensive collection. I spend a great deal of money building my own collections and my kit.

If I do receive a product to review, I make sure that I am completely honest if I choose to review it. If I love it, I have no problem giving it a rave review. Products that I am on the fence about, I will let my readers know what I liked and didn't like. A product that I don't care for (just ok), I will usually choose not to review at all, unless it really is awful. It is my personal mission to be honest, objective, and thorough in my posts. If I feel a product makes false claims, doesn't work, or has adverse effects, I am not afraid to tell my readers the truth. Of course, I also have to keep in mind that not every product works for everyone. Something I might love, others might hate, and vice versa. Cosmetics are subjective, and always dependent on factors like personal taste, body chemistry, and levels of comfort. That said, the best I can and will do is be honest.

Maintaining this blog is very hard work, and it saddens me to think that anyone would doubt my motives. I have a full-time job in finance, and still manage to find the time to dedicate about four hours to blogging a day. I take posting very seriously, and it isn't just about putting up a press release with a blurb. My readers might notice that I avoid posting press releases at all. My reviews are approached from many angles, and oftentimes have background stories or humorous images in them. My reviews involve testing product, swatching, taking photos, editing photos, drafting the post, editing the post, and finally, publishing the post. Color products usually get a wear test for a day, while skin and haircare are tested at least two weeks. I do this all for the love of beauty blogging, and to help my readers. I do not get paid to blog.

All of that being said, I will continue to do as I have always done, and that is to give this blog 110% of my energy. My commitment is first and foremost to my readers, and I can continue to do little else but pour my heart and soul into every post I publish. As for disclosure, I will include a disclaimer at the end of each post to indicate whether a product was received as a press sample, purchased by me, or received as a gift. Regardless of how I got the item, just know that my thoughts on it will be honest.

I hope this post clears things up a bit. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me at


Houston Living said...

Great post, A. I'm just sorry anyone would doubt for a second that you weren't genuine and in turn, made you feel compelled to explain yourself.

If people got to know you they would realize that you are honest, you are incredibly passionate about this blog and that you are genuinely one of the most kindhearted people in this world.

It saddens me to think that anyone would try to make you fell like anything less than the amazing person that you are. Hopefully they will get the opportunity to know you and understand why I feel so privileged to call you my bff.

Love you,

A Brilliant Brunette said...

I completely agree with you. I think that this whole new FTC regulation is ridiculous, but it is something we'll all have to abide by. I don't do many reviews as my blog is centered basically on my makeup artistry but when I do them, they are completely 100% honest. If there is something that I didn't like, I always mention it, as well as a way around the problem if I was able to find one. I've just been lucky to have found some great products. And yes, blogging is hard work but it's something I love and won't be stopping.

I for one know that you are always honest with your opinions and I appreciate it as I'm sure all your other readers do.

Sorry for the long comment :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Houston Living, thank you so much for your kind words. I wanted to get these things off my chest for quite some time now, and I am glad you think I handled it well.

Your friendship means the world to me. :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Brilliant Brunette, thank you for the kind words. It is definitely becoming harder out there for a blogger, but we will persevere. :)

coachkitten said...

I have always trusted your reviews Adina and I know that you are 100% honest with your opinion. Keep up the great work! The reason that I love your blog so much is I know that you are such an honest and caring person. :) Keep up the good work!!

Her Royal Poshness said...

I agree with you that blogging is very hard work and maintaining a good blog is even harder. I think you are going about it the right way, as long as we know that we re getting 100% honesty that's all that matters.

Austrian_Babe said...

I have to say I never doubted that your reviews are honest, and I think that way about all bloggers! I might not be right about all of them, but I just chose to believe that most people are honest, I like to believe in the good in the people ;-)

Keep up the good work! I admire that you put so much time into this blog when you have a full time job. I couldn´t do it I think, I`m too lazy lol

Krasey Beauty said...

Coachkitten, thank you so much. I'm so happy to count you as a reader, and thank you again for your words of encouragement.

Krasey Beauty said...

HerRoyalPoshness, thank you. Rest assured that it will always be 100% honest here. :)

Krasey Beauty said...

AustrianBabe, thank you. Many of my peers are completely honest, and its the ones who aren't that bring about the problems.

Maintaining the blog is definitely a lot of work, but it is very rewarding at the same time. :)

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