Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide- Skincare by Rodial

For this post, I am channeling my inner British glamazon to bring you a review of one of the UK's premier skincare brands, Rodial. A brills skincare brand that will leave your face looking ace, Rodial should clearly be your ticket to skin that is ab fab.

A-List Cleanser
I may not be an a-lister by your typical definition, but the A-List cleanser definitely has my skin feeling like a star. Much like my beloved cleansing oil, A-List is applied to the skin dry, and then rubbed into the skin with wet hands. After a few run-throughs with wet hands, you then rinse the product away to reveal clean, cleansed skin. As a cleanser, this product is an absolute star, removing all of my makeup, including layers of mascara, liner, etc. My skin leaves the experience squeaky clean, bright, and moisturized.

The main difference between this and the oil has to be in the texture and consistency of the product itself. A-List is a very thick, creamy gel, and a little bit goes a long way. I find myself using one pump of A-List to cover my face, as opposed to the 3 or 4 pumps I would have to use of my usual cleansing oil. I also like how the thickness ensures that you don't lose any product. Yes, Rodial as a whole is more expensive for the amount that you get, but I believe that you would get just as much use out of one container of A-List as you would in a much larger sized cleansing oil. Don't get me wrong, I love my cleansing oil, but I can also say that I love the A-List cleanser just as much.


Glam Balm

Designed to be an anti-aging treatment for hands, lips, face, and neck, Glam Balm is full of moisturizing, skin plumping ingredients that are known to have anti-wrinkle properties. While Glam Blam is supposed to be multipurpose, my first use demonstrated that it is a tad too heavy to use as a morning cream, as this stuff is super thick and feels a bit heavy on the face. I have come to find that the best use of this is for hands and lips, as the thick texture coats ultradry skin, protecting it from the elements. Those with very dry skin might like this as a face cream, but I think I will stick with it as a concentrated, hand/lip treatment this winter.


Glamtox Eye Light with SPF 15


Glamtox has become my go to morning eye cream, used underneath my concealer on the daily. Designed to lighten and brighten the undereye area, Glamtox is also infused with skin-enriching pomegranate to boost skin cell protection, and SPF 15 to protect the delicate undereye against the harmful rays of the sun. Just a drop under each eye, and I look more bright eyed and bushy tailed than comes natural, and thats a good thing! One tip that I can give you is to store your Glamtox, or any of your eye creams in the fridge, for a cool, soothing pick me up for your peepers.

If you are looking for fabulous gifting options, Rodial has some items that will really keep your skin looking ab fab all season.

This holiday season, the LA facelift kit makes a fabu gift, and includes travel sizes of the A-List Cleanser, Glamtox Peel, SPF 15 Glamtox Eye Light, SPF 18 Glamtox, and Glam Balm. Packed up in a gorgeous silver and pink box, this kit is everything you need to keep a glamazon looking glamorous.

With so many great products, Rodial might just be my second favorite UK import, after my beloved Illamasqua of course. You can find the LA facelift kit, along with all of Rodial's products on the Rodial Body and Skincare website

*Products mentioned in this post were provided by PR for post consideration.

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