Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beauty Resolution: No More Wrinkles with Baby Quasar

While we are looking forward, lets talk about 2010, and what kind of potential your skin has for greatness, thanks to an amazing little invention that will revolutionize the anti-aging market. Say hello to...

Ahem, I mean:

The latest gadget in the war against aging, Baby Quasar is a hand-held device that is designed to improve the overall health, appearance, and condition of your skin. Using light energy, Baby Quasar delivers sequential pulses of four different light wavelengths that serve to stimulate skin cell regeneration while improving blood flow and circulation. Continued use of the Baby Quasar is supposed to combat the signs of skin aging by increasing both collagen production and skin cell turnover, which ultimately results in firmer, tighter, more radiant skin.

As with every anti-aging product review I give, it does bear repeating that I am 24 years old and I do not have the same advanced signs of aging as someone who is older. That being said, I do have some fine lines and skin texture issues, making me a good candidate for use of the baby. That, and it is also never too early to start on anti-aging treatments, as you don't want to pay for skin transgressions in your later years.

Using the Baby Quasar is super simple, and it is ridiculously easy to make this part of your nightly beauty routine. All you need to do is plug the unit in, press the button on the back of the device's 'head', and run the unit over your skin in zones, alternating counter-clockwise (or clockwise if you wish!), and working in 2 minute intervals. You repeat this process twice, for a total time of 24 minutes of treatment time. The manufacturer recommends giving your skin 48 hours of rest in between each use, making your commitment 3-4 treatments a week.

A close-up of the unit shows the micro-bulbs from which the light is emitted. The setting you put the unit on affects both the color and delivery (flashing "pulse" versus steady) of the light energy you get.

Of course you all want to know if Baby Quasar works, and my short answer is an enthusiastic heck yes! With my regular use, the Baby Quasar has without a doubt improved the look and feel of my skin. When talking anti-aging, it bears mentioning that nothing is quite on board with instant gratification (save for surgery), but Baby does come close. I found that it took me a little less than a month of continuous use to really start seeing a really significant (noticeable) improvement in the way my skin looks and feels. Regular use is a commitment, sure, but the ends more than justify the means. The longer I use the Baby Quasar, the fresher, tighter, and brighter my face looks. Oh, and those wrinkles I had on my face are quickly becoming a thing of the past too, which is really kind of nice.

As per the instructions, I make sure to focus on problematic spots on my face, for a more targeted treatment. I must be either a pretty expressive person, because my specific issues lie with both frown furrows and laugh lines on this visage of mine. Focusing on those areas during my Quasar sessions, I have found that blissfully gone is the evidence of my overuse of facial expressions, and that is an amazing thing. A treatment with baby is as much a pleasure as the results, as it emits a soothing, warm light that is as therapeutic as it is beneficial. In case you were wondering, I experienced no irritation, no redness, and absolutely no pain during or post use.

An essential beauty tool in the war on wrinkles, you can find the Baby Quasar at Bliss Spas, Neiman Marcus, and on the Baby Quasar website online. Hop to the future, and make fear of the magnification mirror as in the past as 2009. The Baby Quasar is krasey tested, and krasey approved.

*The product mentioned in this post was provided as a sample by the brand, for post consideration. As with every review, rest assured that my assessment is in no way biased or inaccurate. Should you have any questions regarding the aforementioned, please contact me at KraseyBeauty@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Hi Krasy! This is Alex. We meet at the HAUTELOOK beauty blog in NYC. Great review!

natalie75 said...

I would love to know how this would work on older,uh say .........mmmmmmmm 50 year old skin!!
I'd stand on the roof naked, screaming it's praises at the top of my lungs if it got rid of/reduced MY wrinkles!! tee hee

natalie75 said...

Have you ever considered having your mom try products like this and reviewing her results? Seriously, if this reduced my 50 year old fine lines and wrinkles, I'd stand on the rooftop naked singing their praises!! ha ha ha

Krasey Beauty said...

Hello Alex, glad to hear you liked it! :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Natalie, I completely understand what you are saying. I will have to talk to my mom (who is 62) about trying it. The problem is getting her to use it, when she herself is so anti-beauty! Haha

natalie75 said...

Maybe I should be your "cougar" reporter? ha haha

Krasey Beauty said...

Haha, Natalie you are too funny! I would love to have you do a guest post on "cougar" beauty. Email me if you are interested. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm 59 years old and have been using baby quasar red since a week before Thanksgiving. My skin has never looked better. Smoother, a great glow, and my deep wrinkles are not as deep and it's also firmer. You do have to be diligent though. I used it first every 48 hours, and now I use it once a week. I think twice a week is better though for better results as a maintenance routine.

Krasey Beauty said...

Anonymous, I am thrilled to hear you are having such great results. I agree that you do need to be diligent about use.

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