Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes Beauty- Christina Hendricks by Shu Uemura

Christina Hendricks is a busty beauty after my own heart, looking positively glowing with her alabaster skin, red lips, and stunning red locks. To get the look Celebrity Makeup Artist, Vanessa Scali sought a look that was “effortless and chic: sheer satin eyes, pink milk-maid cheeks and a siren mouth. Christina’s dress has a sexy, yet soft look. We mirrored this with her make up. I love the contrast of the angelic, innocent face with the sexy edge of a strong mouth.”

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How To:

PREPARE: I used shu uemura’s new Depsea Hydrability Moisture Cream. This cream seriously hydrates, yet disappears into the skin leaving the skin feeling fresh and smooth.

UNDEREYE: Lanc├┤me’s Effacernes in Porcelain.

FOUNDATION: Applied minimal foundation, because Christina has nearly flawless skin. I used shu uemura’s Nobara Cream Cover Stick foundation.

BLUSH: I used shu uemura’s brand new Satin Radiant Stick Blush on the apples of the cheeks.

HIGHLIGHTER/EYESHADOW: I used Satin Radiant Stick in Highlight all over the eye (from lash line to brow) then swept it down to highlight the very peak of the cheekbones.

EYE LINER: To define and elongate the lashline, I used shu uemura’s Drawing Pencil in Black. Also, to open up the eye, I lined the inside rim of the eye with shu uemura’s Eye Light White.

LASHES: For luxurious lashes we added shu uemura’s Flare eyelashes in Black and finished with a coat of Ultimate Expression Mascara.

LIPS: I used shu uemura’s Rouge Unlimited #134

Let's discuss the dress for just one moment.

The gown is a peach number by Christian Siriano. The gown is gorgeous, but I just can't get behind this choice for Christina. Being a busy girl myself, I know that ruffles and strapless gowns are two big no-nos. As my mother would say, her chest looks like a flotation device. Otherwise, I must say that my gal looks flawless. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I'm all for Christina, because I'm a busty redhead, too! You are right in saying that ruffles and strapless gowns are two big no-nos. However, she does not look bad at all. A plus is that the boobs do not look like they're hanging.

Krasey Beauty said...

Anonymous, you and me both. :) I think my issue with the gown is that her "girls" are too pressed up and out. In general, I prefer v necklines to elongate the area and make the chest appear a bit less "squished".

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