Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have You Entered my Giveaway??

Have you entered my giveaway yet?!

I have put together an amazing prize pack, full of lots of amazing products from some of my favorite brands. All of the products are full sized and fabulous, totalling at almost $1,000! Here is what is included:

Zoya Reverie Polish Pack and a Zoya Color Lock System
Luminess Airbrush Foundation System
Make-up Designory Gift Set incl. eyeshadow quad, mascara, lip pencil, eye pencil, cheek color and lip glaze

St Tropez Bronzing Powder and Bronzing Rocks
MAC lipstick in Bubbles, Dazzleglass in Smile, Eyeshadow in Slip Pink

Illamasqua Lipgloss in Soul, Liquid Metal in Solstice
Living Proof Frizz Set of Curly and Straight Styling Creams
Crazy Libellule and the Poppies set of 3 Crazy Sticks
Jan Marini Skincare Set including Marini Lash, SPF 30 Daily Face Protectant, and Age Intervention Mask

I encourage you all to enter, and to tell all your friends too! Contest is open to international readers as well! All you have to do is enter via the widget at the bottom of this post. In addition to the single entry you can get there, you can gain additional entries by doing the following:

1. Become a new fan of Krasey Beauty on Facebook
2. Become a new subscriber to Krasey Beauty Emails
3. Become a new follower of Krasey Beauty on Twitter
4. Post a link to this contest on your blog

If you do any of the aforementioned, I ask that you leave one comment on this post, telling me what you did to gain the additional entry(ies).

The contest ends on February 3rd, the day before my official bloggiversary. I will officially announce the winner on February 4th, which makes the one year mark. Good luck everyone, and thank you for being such great readers.


Anonymous said...

Besides for entering I also started following you on twitter and signed up for emails. Crossing my fingers that I( a fellow jew) win!!!!

Nicole said...

HI there Adina - thanks for running this amazing contest - wish me luck!
1. Become a new fan of Krasey Beauty on Facebook - couldn't find Krasey Beauty so became your friend. Not sure if I am being dopey or if I got in too quick!
2. Become a new subscriber to Krasey Beauty Emails - I did this...
3. Become a new follower of Krasey Beauty on Twitter - I did this
4. Post a link to this contest on your blog - I don't have a blog, but I have posted a link to your blog on my facebook page!!!
5. I am also a follower of your blog, have entered with the widget and am now leaving a comment!
Cheers & thanks alot for a great blog. I love the fact you update your posts so frequently - there is always something new to read, and I love your product reviews & FOTD's...

Deb K said...

I became a new fan of yours on Facebook{Deb S}

I subscribe and follow you on Twitter already{Deb55106}

Thanks for the chance to win this Fantastic Giveaway :-)

LostinBubbles said...

Hi Adina! I love how much you love your readers! This is not an average giveaway - that's for sure. It's been great to watch you and your blog grow to where it is now - you've done good girl! I have found many a great products through you, so many thanks for that :)

As far as what I've done to gain additional entries ... commenting, CHECK
- Fanned you on facebook - CHECK!
- I've been on your email newsletter since May, so no check for that one.
- Found and following you on twitter - CHECK!
- I have not yet mastered the art of maintaining a blog, no check. :(

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for this one though! I am getting married in Vegas in May and this would be a total dream package.

irma said...

hello from croatia! i already was a fan on kraseybeauty on facebook and followed you on twitter for a long time. dont know if that counts.
anyway, thanks alot for this great giveaway!
kind regards from croatia

Alemom said...

i am a subscriber , follower, twitter and FB friend.
Like I said on the comment you are very good on blogging and another thing that appreciate in you is the courtesy that you have with all your readers.

Daya, muito prazer... said...

Extra entries

Daiane Negretti
follower: Daya, muito prazer...

1- I'm a subscriber
2- I'm a follower
3- I'm your fan on facebook

Miss..Ka said...

Great giveaway... I'm trying my luck...

This is what I did:
1. Become a new fan of Krasey Beauty on Facebook
2. Become a new subscriber to Krasey Beauty Emails
3. Become a new follower of Krasey Beauty on Twitter
4. Post a link to this contest on your blog:

Megan said...

Hey there! I'm a relative newcomer to your blog, but I've become a fan on Facebook, subscribed to the email newsletter, and posted a link on my blog (the very first entry of my blog, as a matter of fact! ^_^)

I'm crossing my fingers for this contest! There are so many things that I'm dying to try!

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Melody said...

Hi Adina!!

Love your blog!! It's one of my faves!! I've never won any giveaway before, but I am hopeful!!

Here is what I did:

1. Subscribe to emails
2. Became a new fan of your Facebook
3. Became a new follower on your Twitter
4. Added a new comment here.


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