Friday, January 22, 2010

Thierry Mugler Beauty- The Plexi Gloss

On my many adventures both around North America and through the world of beauty blogging, there comes a time when I stumble across things that are so beautiful that they transcend Earth. So splendiferous, that they must have come from a different planet altogether.

Such is the case with Thierry Mugler Beauty, a brand I discovered during a trip to Montreal last year.

I want to get this party started by showing you my favorite product thus far, Plexi Gloss.

To see more of these beauties, take the jump!

Plexi Gloss is a stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, fantastical lipgloss that comes housed in a slender vial. Deliciously smooth, this gloss positively dances across the lips, to give them multi-dimensional, super-glossy shine. Like a pearl, each gloss flashes at least five different colors, depending on how the light hits them. Also unique is the delivery system, but more on that later.

Pink Effect- A blend of pink, gold, orange, green, coral, and purple.


The delivery system, a rubber spatula! Designed to deposit plenty of color, for maximum impact.

Blue Effect- A milky bright blue.I can only imagine how stunning this would be over a cool red. Yum

Swatches. As you can see, the glosses are fairly sheer, and more for their multi-dimensional effects.


Lip Swatches:
Blue Effect:


Pink Effect:


I am oh so krasey in love with these glosses, that it really is a bit frightening. They feel amazing, look amazing, and apply like no other gloss I have ever had. At a pricetag of $40 each, I am afraid they do cause a bit of a sting to the wallet, even by high-end standards. As to whether or not they are worth it, at least to me, the answer is a resounding yes. For everything that they are, these glosses have become a treasured part of my makeup collection.

To own your very own piece of out-of-this world greatness, click on over to the Mugler website, where you can purchase all beauty products online. Be sure to stay tuned for more on Thierry Mugler beauty, because you know you want some.

*This product was purchased by me, because it was too gorgeous and out there for me to walk away from it. Oh, and because I wanted to review it for all of you too!

10 comments: said...

Thank you for reviewing these--they look incredible! So glossy--How long-lasting are they? Maybe compared to a MAC/ Glossimer or Bobbi-ish type? Thank you again!

Krasey Beauty said...

Amy, you are very welcome. These compare most to the MAC 3d glasses if you remember those. It is slightly thicker, but has the same amount of slip. Less wear than a sticky gloss. I got around 5-6 hours on top of lipstick. :)

Lillian Funny Face said...

Oh my god, i want so mch from that website now! D: You terrible girl leading me to discoveries of such beauty!
The packaging of everything is so great!
I love these iridescent glosses, i've got one similar to the blue from Estee Lauder, they dont make it any more though.

Musicalhouses said...

Wow, these are pretty cool! The rubber/plastic spatula has been around for a while in Asian brand lipglosses, so I suppose it's being adopted finally here in the West! (personally I still prefer doefoot though). Great swatches! They do look pretty alien-y in a good way.

Krasey Beauty said...

Lillian, I echo that sentiment. I want everything too! If anything, you should just get an item to hold in your hands. Cosmetic luxury at its finest!

Krasey Beauty said...

Musicalhouses, I am such a huge fan of the spatula. Agree on them looking alieny in an amazing way ;)

Bonnie C. said...

These are so neat, thanks for sharing them with us! :-) The "spatula" sort of reminds me of the new applicator that Smashbox is using on their Lip Tech product, which is like a sueded-rubbery-ish thing that is supposed to lay down the color better. Even the vial on this gloss is cool, but I am definitely loving the pearl affect the most. :-)

Krasey Beauty said...

Bonnie, you are so welcome! If you have the money, definitely give one of these glosses a try.

I think I need to investigate the Lip Tech now.

SakurasamaLover said...

I saw those at The Bay the other day and I was speechless, never saw anything like it, they are amazing.

Krasey Beauty said...

Sakurasama you must partake!

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