Monday, February 15, 2010

Backstage at New York Fashion Week- Leanne Marshall by Zoya Nails, Aveda, and Beauty Society Cosmetics

With what just might be one of my favorite beauty looks for the shows of the season thus far, Leanne Marshall brought out the drama with no apologies.

Nails by Jackie Saulsbery for Zoya Nail Polish

Keeping it fabulous with bright pops of color and contrasting textures, Jackie and the Zoya team adorned the models nails with Jo, a cool frosty, silver-blue whose shade morphs depending on the person wearing it. Tips were then decorated, on the diagonal, with purple Savita MatteVelvet, to give digits a dramatic pop that all the models (and editors!) fell in love with.  


Hair by Jon Reyman for Aveda
Fun and funky, the hair look for Leanne's show was a study in both texture and movement. Hair was parted down the middle, and treated with Volumizing Tonic to flatten out the top section without sacrificing texture and volume.  Making up the hold team were Air Control and Pure Abundance Hair Spray, to hold the wild, backcombed, slightly teased, and then tucked-in curls in place.


Makeup by Nathan Johnson for Beauty Society
The makeup look for Leanne Marshall placed a heavy emphasis on the eyes, with a dark, thick, jet black, smoky eye with sharp contrasting teal accents. Inspired by pops of blue and green in Leanne's Fall line, and the general ethereal nature of her vision, Nathan wanted to bring texture and weight, without being too overpowering. Cheeks were contoured with matte powder, and lips were stained a light berry to complete the look.


I will go ahead and say it again, I absolutely LOVED the drama of this look. With colors and styles that scream sassy, edgy, spunk, with a hint of the heavenly, this beauty look is one I wouldn't mind recreating myself.

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