Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Impossible Mane, and The Products That It Loves

My hair is difficult, that is hardly new information. With a melange of textures and special needs, my mane is harder to handle than Organic Chemistry, true story. Having done my beauty due diligence, I have found the products that are bringing my hair back from purgatory, one wash/style at a time. Alternating between different products and regimens, I am finally somewhat at peace with that mop on top of my scalp that I call hair.

Pantene Restoratives

Coming to the rescue of my processed, damaged, weak hair, Pantene's new Restoratives Breakage Defense is a line designed to repair weak and brittle hair, preventing hair split. Being prone to breakage myself, I love how I have experienced less fallout in the month I have been using this. I also love how shiny and soft my hair is post wash, not to mention this product smells divine. Pantene has always been a drugstore favorite, and Breakage Defense most certainly does not disappoint. 

Philip B African Shea Butter Conditioning Shampoo and Katira Hair Masque

I have mentioned these before in previous posts, but good information always bears repeating. Meant to nourish dry hair and scalps everywhere, Philip B's African Shea Butter Conditioning Shampoo and Katira Hair Masque are a luxurious treat to my dry scalp and even dryer at times mane. My hair always emerges soft and shining, without fail.

Fekkai Salon Glaze

Coming to the rescue of dull, fading haircolor Fekkai's Salon Glaze has been boosting the shine and hue of my strands since I purchased it last year. Designed to be used in the shower post conditioning, the glaze infuses my hair with luster and shine that lasts at least until I wash it. The product doesn't have any actual color, so all I get post rinse is incredible shine that gives my dyed hair an even more vibrant appearance.

Living Proof Full Thickening Cream
Saving me from having limp, lifeless hair, Full uses the power of science to give me plump, voluminous hair without the nasty stiffness and residue that other volumizing styling products leave behind. With the same genius that Living Proof applies to its stellar FRIZZ products, full features a special ingredient that plumps up the hair shaft and leaves it silky smooth and flexible. The full stays with me for several days, until I wash it. 

Living Proof No Frizz Restyling Spray 

I adore Frizz styling products, and that's a fact, Jack. The newest product in the lineup- restyling spray- is a hair refinisher that absolutely feels like it is heaven sent. Stylist imposed hair rules decree that I cannot wash my mane all too frequently due to it's texture, which unfortunately also means that my styled hair becomes prone to rapid deterioration on day 3 post wash. Not content with the situation, I have happily discovered this spray that makes messy, dirty hair has become a thing of my beauty past. A couple of spritzes and my hair is back in fighting order- static and frizz free.

No matter my hair woe, these products have got me covered. I have been using all of them interchangeably to keep my hair looking gorgeous on the daily.

*Some products were provided by PR for consideration. The rest were purchased by me.


krista carlson said...

I have tried the Fekkai glaze and I love it...It makes my hair look so healthy...Your hair always looks great...

LipGlossGossip said...

I need to try some styling products from Living Proof. I've been hearing nothing but good things!

I love Pantene shampoos and conditioners. I have tried so many other brands, more expensive salon brands and other drugstore brands but I always come back to Pantene. They always work for me. :-)

Krasey Beauty said...

Krista, thanks so much! Trust me, my hair is usually a hot mess.

madame b fatale said...

I know what you mean by mixing it up! Have you tried Macadamia Natural Oil, omg I got sent some and I am in love!!! haha

Krasey Beauty said...

Madame B, I haven't tried that yet. Need to look into it I think. :-D

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