Friday, April 2, 2010

A LEGENDARY Hair Experience at Davide Torchio

By now you all know that I am a master of disguise, and of reinvention. Approaching my very own quarter life crisis, I knew that it was time to pack away pre-25 Adina, and emerge anew. Towards that end,  imagine my excitement when Davide Torchio invited me to his salon for a bit of pre-birthday primping. This past Saturday, it was out with the old and IN with the new at the Davide Torchio Salon on the East Side.

Coming off a fairly recent cut and color, I felt hard pressed to think up how I could change up my look in a way that would be both dramatic and subtle at the same time. It wasn't until Davide did some minor digging to get to the heart (and hair) of the matter that I confessed my desire to have bangs again! Many of the stylists I have been to in the past couple of years have steered me away from the fringed path because of my hair's curl, but Davide worked with me to come up with a way to make it happen. The solution to the problem will be actually be a keratin treatment for my bangs, to ensure that my fringe always looks prim and polished.

Goal in mind, Davide got to work. After a blowout and trim, it was time to work the real magic. Plastic shield in place, he cut me a long fringe that stops just above my eyes.

When I looked in the mirror, I truly did not believe my own reflection. My hair looked GORGEOUS, and I hardly recognized myself with the chic new fringe. All eyes are on my eyes now, and I am beyond thrilled.

Davide is so sweet, and so talented. He listened to what I wanted, and put his own elegant signature on the final look. He pointed out that my hair is one of my most defining features (aside from my eyes), and for that reason should be kept long and lush. He was eager to work with me to get what I wanted, which was a huge deal in my mind.

The salon itself that feels like your hip cousin's 'crash pad', Davide's modern salon his own charming and hip persona come to life.

Post cut, we had a bit of photo fun. This is called revenge of the client.

And a final shot with the dapper Don of hair himself. Davide has a devoted fan in me, that's for sure.

To schedule an appointment with the maestro of manes, give the salon a call- 212 737 3621. Trust me, you will fall in love with Davide as much as I have.

*Service provided was complimentary.


Anne said...

Looks great! So did he only do the treatment on your bangs and then just blow out/flat iron the rest for this look?

Faith J. said...

Great cut! I love the bangs!

krista carlson said...

You are beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

you loook fabulous!!! i love the ban and the straight hair. many non-chinese don't look right with such style but you nailed it head on. i think this is very very you! you shoul stick to davide from now on. beautifu job.

madame b fatale said...

Stunning doll!! Loving you with the fringe!

That salon looks gorgeous too :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Faith, thanks so much! :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Anne, we actually haven't done the treatment just yet. My whole head was just blow dried and then ironed :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Krista, and you are too kind! :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Jojoba, thanks so much! I am really enjoying the look, and am glad you like it too

Krasey Beauty said...

Madame B, you are too sweet! xo

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