Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Acts of Indulgence, or, Bathtime is LUSH(ious)

There once was a girl from NY
With a lack of bath products to try
So she got her little tush
Into a LUSH
And from there on in baths were never the same

OK, so I will admit that I haven’t always been on board the LUSH love train. When confronted with the smells, the sights, the overwhelming array of products, I would previously freeze up and then slink out of the store in shame.

Those days are no more, thanks to a guided tour by one of the Union Square locations finest. At a recent tweet-up, aforementioned associate walked me through the products, the philosophy, and the lineup. After being acquainted with my personal preferences, my guide pointed me to tasty little morsels called Bubble Bars.

Bubble Bars are tablets designed to dissolve in a tub under running water. Break one up into a bath and the water comes to life, filling the tub with delicious, frothy bubbles and an equally delicious scent. The water also becomes infused with skin loving ingredients and essential oils, making bath time as decadent as can be. Bonus, the product is vegan friendly!

Naturally, I went with the MA Bar, scented with honey, cocoa, and toffee. I would eat the bar if I could, because it smells that amazing. I settled for taking a soak in the water instead, and it was pure and utter bliss.

Now that I have gone through my LUSH initiation, I know this is the beginning of what may very easily become a new obsession. In fact, I am already getting my shopping list ready.

What are your LUSH favorites?

*Product provided by PR for consideration


Jessica Allison said...

Unfortunately, after going on a post-holiday Lush rampage, I realized that my tub is a bit too small for a languorous bath, but fortunately I stocked up on lots of other goodies too- right now I'm living Sexy Peel soap- the smell is the perfect pick-me-up during these sticky, humid, icky days! Love it!!!

Amina said...

I haven't used Lush in a while but I used to love their soaps and their shower smoothies. Honey I washed the soaps,banana moon, I should coco and figs and leaves were my favorites :)

Bluestar's Blog said...

OOh, I love Lush! I go to the Walnut St in Philly location too much! I really do like the rockstar soap, its a very sweet candy smell. Also I love the massage bars. I go swimming in the morning before work and they are the best for putting moisture back in my skin after the all of the pool chemicals. I like all of the scents and have collected them all! :o). The only product I have not cared for is the Jungle conditoner. Its a bit to trying on my hair. It doesn't give enough oils back in.

Krasey Beauty said...

Jessica, luckily there are tons of bath products to suit every need. Will have to check out that soap now.

Krasey Beauty said...

Amina, I will have a look at those as well. Thank you :)

StyleByEmma said...

Hi Adina! I just picked up Ma Bar as well, haven't tried it out yet though!! My all time Lush favorites are Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Rockstar soap, Banana Moon soap, Creamy Candy bubble bar Comforter bubble bar, Snow Fairy shower gel, Silky Underwear dusting powder, the new Bubblegum lip scrub, bath bombs in Big Blue, Butterball, Sex Bomb, Bon Bain Bonnard, Tisty Tosty, Honey Lumps & Luverly. I had to share each one... I love 'em all lots. :) I just did a Lush post on my blog as well, check it out if you like!! xo Emma

Krasey Beauty said...

BluestarsBlog, thanks for the reccs. Adding the massage bars to the list of things to check out :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Emma, don't you just love the Ma Bar. You have given me some wonderful recommendations to ponder, thank you! xo

FabDiva20 said...

Lush has been addicting lately for me since I first when to a Lush inside Macy's last weekend and got Comforter Bubble Bar, Sakura Bath Bomb and two Think Pink Bath Bombs. The Comforter Bubble Bar is my favorite since I love the smell and I get so relaxed in the tub using it. I have used the Think Pink bath bomb and I loved how it fizzed and it had hearts inside.

Krasey Beauty said...

Fab, love that LUSH. Adding your favs to my list of things to check out :)

Marisa said...

OBSESSED with the sexy peel soap! it smells amazing and has been the only thing to help when i'm peeling or to smooth the little bumps on my arms and thighs. i also adore the lemony flutter cuticle butter, just the TINEST bit before bed every night has made my cuticles look amazing and healthy. i, like you, was a bit skeptical to try lush, but i'm pretty glad i did!

Krasey Beauty said...

Marisa, thanks so much for the amazing recommendations. Will be sure to check those items out :)

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