Monday, June 14, 2010

Vegan Beauty- LUSH Colour Supplements

During a recent conversation with a friend of mine, she uttered the following:

"Adina, you need to do a vegan-friendly beauty post. You haven’t done one yet."

To the point, and right she was, for I have overlooked an entire niche of the cosmetic world. Fortuitously, I had the opportunity to set things to right after visiting a very special kind of beauty shop- LUSH in Union Square. The vegan posts start here folks, so leave your turkey leg and slab of bread at the door, and step in for an introduction to vegan-friendly foundation, one of the first colour cosmetic products from cult favorite brand LUSH.

 L-R Light Pink, Light Yellow Colour Supplements

LUSH is a brand on every bath and body lover’s lips, with a larger than life array of vegan-friendly, all natural products in scents that will make anyone’s mouth water. At a recent tweet-up, I had the opportunity to get down and dirty clean with the line, familiarizing myself with not only the staples, but also the brand new additions in the form of a foundation line, and a new body tint/bronzer.

The foundations, called Colour Supplements are a foolproof way to get light to medium coverage both quickly and easily. They can be used by themselves as spot concealers or as all over foundation, and can also be mixed with moisturizer for a lighter, sheerer coverage. My personal recipe is a dab of light pink, a dab of light yellow, and a dollop of Paradise Regained Moisturizer, mixed together and applied to face with clean fingers. The outcome is a natural looking finish that lasts all day.

The downside? It comes in only four shade options (light and dark cool, light and dark warm) for now. Those who are in between can buy two and mix, but those who fall below or above the range obviously cannot partake. I am a touch lighter than the lightest, so the foundation gives me a more tanned appearance. Perhaps more shades are in the works?

Swatched: Pink on left, yellow on right

Blended together, no moisturizer. Notice the medium coverage and slightly dewy finish.

Swatched, Body Bronzer, a chocolate banana scented skin tint that provides a bronze with enough pink in it to look rather natural.

Tint blended on right, nothing on left. The difference is subtle, but beautiful all the same. And the scent? Yum!

LUSH’s colour supplements and Charlotte Island Body Tint have already launched in store, and can also be found online at the LUSH USA shop. The foundations retail for a very humble $13.95, while the tint is $14.95. All of my fans of Vegan products, I highly recommend you check these out for yourself.

Rachel, this one’s for you.

*Product provided for consideration


Jessica Allison said...

Wow, I had no idea Lush was getting into the color game- unfortunately, it looks like their first offerings will fall short for me- I'm not a bronzer fan, and I'd need a major tan (NOT gonna happen) to get in to even the fairest of their foundation options.

Is the makeup preservative free like most of the body products?Something to keep in mind, as Lush cosmetics likely have a much shorter than normal shelf life...still, I <3 the brand, so I'll be keeping an eye out for more!

Krasey Beauty said...

Jessica, I only see the color range expanding in the time to come, since these first four colors feel like a general introduction.

I do believe these keep up with the LUSH philosophy, and are preservative free. :)

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