Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sensory Expeditions- Journey to India with Kenzo Amour's Indian Holi

Ladies and Gents, it is time to pack our bags and embark once more on a fragrance expedition. Pack your sari and your sunscreen, for we are travelling to India by way of Kenzo Amour’s Indian Holi fragrance. Inspired by the Festival of Colors (Holi), this deliciously girly scent lifts the spirits and takes you away to the land of the Taj Mahal and maharajas.

Before even getting a whiff of the scent (which is love, by the way), I could not help but take a step back and admire the beauty that is Indian Holi’s cheerful, vibrant packaging. The hues of the bottle pay homage to the Indian Festival of Colors (Holi), where vibrancy is both embraced and celebrated. True to the general Kenzo aesthetic, the bottle has an otherworldly appearance with a distinctly feminine curvature. This is a bottle that demands attention while gracefully resting on my armoire.

The fragrance opens with a burst of fruit and floral-induced sweetness, with a little something extra in the form of a hint of spice that asserts itself from the moment the scent caresses my skin. As the aroma draws me in, I can’t help but notice the similarities between Amour Indian Holy and another oriental/floral fragrance favorite, YSL’s Elle.

Cherry Blossom and red berry lend plenty of fruity sweetness, while rose and frangipani provide the delicate floral that balances out the equation. Sugar intact, pink peppercorn provides the spice that is so identifiable in oriental fragrances.

At the heart of the fragrance is a delicate, musky warmth that melds with my skin, providing a softness of scent that some Orientals lack. I can’t help but feel like the perfume takes on a slightly mysterious quality as it develops, losing a bit of the girly sweetness as it matures into a grown-up woodsy Oriental fragrance. Floral delicacy, fruity sweetness, and soft, peppery spice mate to create an intricate scent that both enchants and delights.

My first foray into the world of Kenzo fragrances did not disappoint, as Kenzo Amour’s Indian Holi was love at first spritz. A joyous Oriental Floral scent inspired by the Indian Festival of Colors, Indian Holi is the perfect sensory getaway.

*Product provided by brand P.R for review and post consideration

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