Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Shape Up with MBT

And thus my journey towards optimal physical fitness continues. Once again, it is all about exercising on the sly. I have lamented over my cottage cheese toned physique many times, and in my quest towards eradicating that rather unfortunate situation, I have stumbled upon gold. The MBT sneaker is kind of, sort of, rocking my world.

There is a certain beauty in invention, especially when science gives us the tools that will help us achieve our goals in the least painful way possible. MBT shoes are the newest weapon in the war against cellulite and flabbiness. They are the pioneers in the world of fitness footwear, the first ones to create a sneaker that tones your butt and thighs as you go about your business walking to and fro.

As a city dweller, I walk a heck of a lot. From train station, to work, to leisurely strolls whenever the mood strikes me, I have been known to walk an average of two miles a day. Sure that is great cardio exercise, but walking severely lacks in the muscle toning department. MBT seeks to maximize all that strutting I do, by providing an unstable surface on which to stride.

MBT is known as the anti-shoe, a physiological piece of footwear that works and trains muscles in the body by providing an uneven, curved surface on which to stand. Thanks to the rocking motion facilitated by the soft, curved bottom, my body compensates to stabilize my muscles, ultimately helping to work and tone said muscles. I work harder when you walk, and as a result I also burn more calories, which is kind of nice.

Science backs up these claims, and now I can fully attest to the shoes efficacy. I have been wearing the Sport2’s in black, and have been enjoying their benefits ever since I first slipped them on and laced them up. I consciously feel my muscles being used every time I wear them, and have been enjoying less back strain (another benefit of the anti-shoe) with prolonged wear. While I will admit that the shoes did take a few wears for me to get used to, the rocking wasn’t at all unsettling or difficult to adjust to. Any awkwardness I felt with the first wear was overcome and then forgotten about after I perfected my stride and then felt a good deal of soreness after a longer-than usual walk about town.

A tauter tuchus and leaner thighs await, and that thrills me to no end. MBT shoes are available online, and at several retailers nationwide. For shoes that get your posterior in gear, these are the original, and the best.

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