Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hello Kitty Mania

The highly anticipated Mac for Hello Kitty collection has finally launched here in NYC, and this blogger couldn't be happier. On February 3rd, MAC in Soho held a special launch party to preview the collection to eager fans.

While the weather was a chilly 20*, the NYC snow and slush did not keep the Mac-heads away from the promise of cute new products with everyone's favorite kitty plastered all over. With names like Big Bow and She Likes Candy, who couldn't help but be excited?!

The store was set up runway style with Hello Kitty's male counterpart Daniel greeting at the door along with some friendly MAC Artists. There was no great shortage of balloons, cocktails, Hello Kitty Cookies, and attractive waiters offering up lox and tuna finger sandwiches.

The collection itself is fresh and fun, offering up a Nice & Naughty side to this massive collection.
Here is what I thought, with some swatches along the way:

General Thoughts:

The packaging on all of this rocks! This will definitely appeal to the MAC collector with amazing attention to detail, down to the imprint of Hello Kitty's head on the beauty powder's and lipstick

Standouts: Fashion Mews Lipstick, Nice to be Nice Lipglass, Lucky Tom Quad, Girl Groove Glitter Liner(like reflects transparent teal in liner form), Pretty Baby Beauty Powder, and Milk pigment.

Most Wearable: The most wearable pieces in this collection in my opinion were probably Cutester and Big Bow lipsticks, also she loves candy and sweet strawberry lipglasses, the lucky tom quad, and pretty baby beauty powder. Those wanting to go bolder can step out in Big Bow Lipstick, Fast Friends Lipglass, and the Too Dolly Quad. I love how you can go either way with the collection's offerings.

The lipsticks in general were fun colors, but I personally am not a fan of the sheerness of lustres and glazes. I will take a full color amplified cream or satin any day of the week! However if you are a fan of this formula then these will be right up your alley.

The lipglasses are said to be a new formula, and I definitely felt the difference. They applied almost like a jelly and had a superfine glittery/pearlescent quality to them. I would say with all confidence that these are a step up from the old lipglass formula.

The TLCs are adorable, and I could easily see the younger MAC set playing with these.

The Beauty Powder Blushes are everything I love: pigmented and finely milled with a fine glittery luminescence. The Beauty Powders are beautiful too, but call me biased because I must collect them all!

While the quads aren’t really new, I liked the color combos and I like the linear layout to them. The glitter liners are awesome in both color and payoff, the pigments aren’t new but they are ok too.


Fashion Mews – This one is a milky pink with just a hint of lavender. You really have to pile it on to see the lavender I think, but I like it!
Strayin' – A mild hot pink with apparent blue and pink microglitter.
Fresh Brew– Beigey Neutral, with pretty good payoff for a lustre

Big Bow – Another bright pink with glitter, kind of reminds me of stepping out dazzleglass
Cutester – Sheer peachy apricot. Like Fashion mews, I didn’t get much payoff
Most Popular – Sheer Berry color, kind of reminds me of happening gal lg from Barbie


Nice to Be Nice – Bright Orangey Coral, very pretty
Nice Kitty – Nothing more than you avg hot pink gloss
Mimmy – A light pearly coral/pink
Sweet Strawberry – Medium Pink with a tinge of berry
She Loves Candy – Milky medium pink
Fast Friends – More berry than purple on me im afraid.

Tinted Lip Conditioners

Pink Fish – Rich, creamy, and a lovely shade of hot pink
Popster – Same as pink fish only with a touch of coral

Eye Shadow Quads

Lucky Tom Palette- This was my fav out of the 2. Though the colors aren’t really new, they look great together. Blackened violet, creamey gold, bright peach and dark brown, what more do you need?

Too Dolly Palette

Yogurt is a creamey matte beige that makes a great base, too dolly reminds me of the robins egg blue/green in the heatherette trios, romping is a fun hot pink and stately black was your tradiditional chunky glittery shadow with crappy payoff


Milk – Chunky glittery silvery pink. Sucky texture but great color!

Glitter Liners- Loved the payoff on these. So intensely pigmented and gorgeous!

Kitty Power – Like reflects very pink
Her Glitz – Reminds me of a brown black ore solar bits. A gorgeous brown with gold in it.
Glitterpuss – Bright orange/bronze glitter
Girl Groove- Reflects teal in liner form. Love!

Beauty Powder Blush

Tippy – Bright blue based pink. Beautiful color!
Fun & Games – Orangey/bronzey apricot. Not a fan of this one on me

Beauty Powders

Pretty Baby – Beautiful soft baby pink
Tahitian Sand – Hardly showed up on me, a beigey neutral color

Nail Lacquers

Sadly, I didn't pay these much attention. On quick glance they look like great colors, though I find MAC nail lacquers to be on the thin side in general.

The accessories deserve honorable mention, as I am sure these will appear to the avid Hello Kitty Fans. The brush set and plushy have me intrigued!

Now for some swatches!


LuvDatFoo said...

Extremely well written and put together. Image placements throughout the blog were linear with the information that you were giving and I found myself drawn to the article itself instead of scrolling down for catchphrases I may have wanted to find if I indeed were in the know. (IE, I'm here to learn about such and such quad only, I'll just search for that word)

Wonderful IPO on your first blog! If you make them all this interesting and informative, you will have a deep and loyal following in no time!


Amina said...

thank you for the swatches! It helped me so much to narrow down what I want

Hannah said...

Awesome girl, I LOVE your swatches!

darn...I thought I was going to be able to skip this, but now I think I won't be able to ><

Krasey Beauty said...

Thank you folks! I am glad you enjoyed my first post :-D

Tish said...

Lovely...I just stumbled upon ths by accident!! Great post!!!

the Muse said...

so whatcha haul!??!


the Muse said...

ps I didn't go :P I wasn't feeling the love for HK in goth form :P

I still wants me some pink kitty goodies!

Miss you at Musings!

Marci said...

thanks adina! your critique of the collection has made me rethink some of my choices when i go to my own preview party on sunday.

Anonymous said...

thanks Adina for the swatches. it helps me to make a list. Also i love your blog :x:x

purrtykitty said...

Yay! Thanks for all this. You still need to tell me what I should get!

capmorlovesmac said...

Thank you so much hun! <3

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