Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mac Me Over The Hello Kitty Edition

I hope you all aren't sick of the kitty because I know I am not quite ready to stop talking about it.

Today marked my third viewing of the Hello Kitty collection at the Henri Bendel Flagship store here in NYC. What makes Bendel's unique in their unveiling is the fact that they bring in MAC artists from across the country to offer up their makeover skills. This brings me to an anecdote. Allow me to share...

The short version is back when I was in college learning the ropes and just discovering MAC ; I got acquainted with the folks at the MAC counter near my college- which was in New Jersey. It was exactly 2 years ago that I had my first MAC makeover with an artist named Mark during a mall Barbie Loves MAC event. He dolled me up in such an amazing way that I became hooked. It was this experience that taught me a lot, and started my general love affair with MAC.

Here I am with Mark, post Barbie makeover.

Fast forward 2 years, now imagine my excitement when I walked into Bendels in my hometown of NYC and there was Mark- called over from Jersey, to do makeovers for the day. Naturally I was eager to hop into that chair once more.
Here I go again, back in the chair and waiting for Mark to work his magic.

Bendels was done up in honor of everyone's fav kitty cat gone goth. 2 hunks dressed as Daniel prowled the grounds (this time donning black wifebeaters instead of going sans shirt). The whole corridor entrance was littered with MAC artists from all over the country, offering up complimentary makeovers while grooving to the beats of Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, and other booty shaking tunes. Bendels will be holding events all of this week and next, with each day featuring a different event. Today it was mini manicures with the colors of the collection.

As I sat in the chair Mark asked that faithful question: so what will we do today. Colorful smokey eyes I replied, to which he happily obliged. As he prepped and painted me I couldn't help but offer up suggestions on what he should do. It was truly an inspired collaboration on our parts and I couldn't be happier with the end result.

Here is what we used:
Studio Moisture Fix
Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW15
Studio Sculpt Concealor in NW20
Natural MSF in Medium to Set
Blonde MSF
Pretty Baby BP to highlight

Artifact Paint Pot
Lucky Tom Quad
Fig 1 Eyeshadow
Aquadisiac for that tealy pop mid lid
Brown Brow Set
Smolder Khol Pencil
Plushlash Mascara
Girl Groove Glitter Liner (it was brilliant of him to dip a lip brush into this and just use this over my eyeshadow to set it and add some pop. If you do this at home make sure you let it dry before opening up your eye!)

Cutester Lipstick
Mimmy Lipglass

Thats Mark and I, present day. Have we changed at all? ;)

Here is the look, notice the pop that glitter gives it. LOVE

Now now boys, no fighting. Enough of this beauty blogger for both of you ;)


Abby said...

Omigoodness Adina! First, you look beautiful at the barbie event- was that really only 2 yrs ago? It seems like so long ago- I was still living in Manhattan, just wasn't addicted to MAC at the time! lol. But I remember when it came out. And your look at the HK event at Bendels is so stunning! That Mark really knows what he is doing. You've tempted me to get a couple glitter liners, thanks a lot! :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Abby, thanks so much doll! I know, its so surreal to realize that Barbie was really that long ago. That is just nuts!

Definitely get at least one glitter liner. They are amazing!

Sandra said...

wow, that,s so sexy!! maybe i should try glitter liner... someday. oh, i always adore your sensual lips :)

coachkitten said...

I am loving your blog! :) You look so gorgeous!

Jessica said...

I soo love your blog Adina!! You look so gorgeous. How do you like the studio sculpt foundation?

Barbie.Doll said...

Wow, what a small world! He did amazingly both times but I LOVE the look he did on you with the Barbie Loves MAC collection. :) Those colors suit you perfectly. :D You look stunning!

Mykeshia said...

OK this has been said but I want daniel, I don't care which one but yeah...

I heart the barbie loves mac look.

Hannah said...

Aye yai yai I effing love this look, holy crap its amazing! Love the blue lid and purple crease.


Krasey Beauty said...

Thanks so much ladies!!! I loved the way this look came out too and I am so glad you are all enjoying my blog!

Jessica, my review of the foundation is coming! That will post this Monday ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow stunning look and hello to the two Daniels!
Your Barbie makeover is stunning too! <3

Jeanette said...

Woops.. I forgot to write down my name before! :O <3

Anonymous said...

Your look at the Hello Kitty event is sooooo pretty! I just had a quick question as I tested this glitter liner look on my hand a few minutes ago. I started with Urban Decay Primer potion, swiped on some eyeshadow and then tried putting glitter liner over it with a lip brush. Wherever I put the glitter liner, the eye shadow washed off! Any ideas?

jilliandanica said...

this is so pretty! i was really trying to avoid buying the lucky tom quad but I might just have to!

Krasey Beauty said...

Thanks Jeanette hun! ;)
Anonymous- thank you so much! The trick with using the glitter liner as an overlay is to use a wide brush (think the mac lip tester brushes) and to pat it over the area you want it. Keep your eye closed while it dries. If you open your eye before, it will get all over.
Jillian- its a gorgeous quad. Methinks you need it ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Krasey! I also experimented a little more and found that getting some onto your finger (clean hands of course!) allowed you to spread the glitter evenly before patting it onto your lid, so you didn't end up with clumps or areas with more glitter.

Jessica said...

Thanks! I am looking forward to your review!

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