Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Night Clubbing- Francois Nars does Marc Jacobs at New York Fashion Week

This just arrived in my inbox, and I felt obliged to post on it.

So I hope you aren't all sick of Nars by now. My fountain of love has not stopped flowing yet, so here I am with another Nars-related post.

Something very exciting occurred during fashion week. For the first time in 10 years, Francois Nars himself was coaxed into creating the looks for some 65 models at the Marc Jacobs show. Inspired by the New York club scene in the 80's, Nars created high impact looks featuring intensely colorful smokey eyes featuring lots of black with minimal lips and sculpted cheeks.

I absolutely adore every look that I have seen this man do. I would rock any of these looks on a night out.

So my question is this: wearable or no? Does seeing these looks make you want to try them and the products used? I will definitely draw on these as inspiration.


Heidi said...

Yes to all and everything! Though I'm not that keen on the yellow, but this has made me even more convinced that I have to get some Nars though it means ordering over the seas to me.

Amina said...

silent night is hoooooot

Krasey Beauty said...

Heidi, you neeeed some nars in your life.

Amina, it really is- especially if you love glitters in your shadows!

Sarah said...

I loove this. I definitely think the looks are wearable; they're really balanced and bright. Love it! Night Breed reminds me of black tied from MAC, interesting! I'm definitely going to model off of these looks for my night makeup.

Krasey Beauty said...

Sarah, fantastic idea! Do send me pics of when you try out these looks (my email is in the about me section)

Regarding night breed vs black tied- they are similar, but night breed is not as chunky. You see the glitter more than with black tied- or at least i do ;)

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