Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quiet Saturdays

So the boyfriend blew out his back with a sneeze, leaving me to my own devices on this fine Saturday.

Now a normal person would spend the day relaxing and be content. But I am not your average person, and I had makeup to organize. Behold my handiwork and be amazed.

This is what I was working with:
Now a couple of hours and a 20 oz of Diet Coke later and et voila: The final product:
Go ahead, tell me how obsessed/bored I must be. I am rather proud of my handiwork :-D The Make Up for Ever Palettes were feeling camera shy, but they are still there.

Notice anything else thats different about the contents?

Anywhozel, inquiring minds want to know, what did you do this weekend? While you do that, I will go clean my makeup brushes.


Hannah said...

I'm not very good at the whole "one of these things is not like the others" game--I can't tell--umm....some more items? That shisheido violet looks so purty in the pot!!

I spent my weekend going wedding dress shopping with my best friend (FOUND one, I was all teary, it was that "aha" moment I didn't think we'd have, considering all the places we've gone), then I've been chipping away at work stuffs.

Hope all is well with you, and that your boyfriend's back gets better!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Hannah, thats ok. I will give you one big hint, Nars ;) Lots of it has been added to my collection recently and will be reviewed this week.

Wow, dress shopping. Sounds like you had a fun and productive weekend :)


☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

I reorganized my makeup this last weekend too! Now I've remembered some of the things I it's almost like having new makeup :D But not the same lol!

JeNi said...

I do it about once a month and it takes me a couple hours. I inspect lipsticks and lipglasses for bad ones. Toss out things I don't use and can't be used because their bad or whatever. Tell you what it's a task but the reward of organized makeup and being able to know exactly where everything is is oh so great!

Krasey Beauty said...

Jacqueline, I love finding things I forget I had! Its a great feeling!

Jeni, I love that satisfying feeling of knowing exactly where everything is too!

Fashion's Darling said...

omg! I'm drooling lol. Every 3 weeks I make a weak attempt at organizing my makeup. It always fails. I either get tired mid way through and just dump everything in a TO BE ORGANIZED bin lol. I need something to hold my makeup brushes though, any recs?

Krasey Beauty said...

Fashion's Darling, keep at it and you will be organized eventually :-D

I use a spinning desk stationary holder for all my brushes. It looks like this one right here:

Sturdy tumblers do the trick as well!

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