Monday, March 23, 2009

MAC Colour Ready Preview Review

So I got a sneak peak at the entire collection and got to play with the new skincare items from this collection! Here are my thoughts!

The Line Filler is going to be my new best friend. This thick, clear gel-like substance is meant to be used on all those areas that are wrought with lines. When using it in a spot on my hand, I instantly noticed that area became super smooth. I imagine this will be amazing on the sunken areas around the eyes, crows feet, laugh lines, worry lines and anywhere else you want filled! Cannot wait til I can make this a part of my routine.

The Refined Zone is very liquidy, and when I put this on my hand I noticed it matted down the area. The Mac Artist I spoke with also said this will work very well at reducing the size of pores for those who have a problem with large pores. Sounds like a winner too!

Now on to the finishing powder. This is pretty much exactly like Make Up For Ever's HD Powder. It is a colourless superfine powder with the texture of cornstarch. When applied over the makeup it not only sets it, but it provides a soft focus effect which makes the skin appear flawless. This felt like silk on my skin!

In general, both the refined zone and the wrinkle filler are meant to be used as spot treatments! The squeeze tubes for these are teeny tiny, and are meant to be used only in the areas that need them as opposed to a primer which is meant to be used all over the face.

The size of the finishing powder is about the same size as the loose beauty powder containers to give you a bit of an idea.

Looks like these products are all winners! I cannot wait until the official launch April 2nd. Heck, MAC Pro should have this out this week!

For a refresher on the color collection, check out my swatch post here

Till then, let the countdown begin!


Willa said...

Haaaa Me want the line filer
I'm going downtown this week, I should take a look at all the new collections you talked about. Thank you Adina for those great infos <3

I'm not very present these days, lots of stress.
By chance, I have my girls (you, Jeanette, Danelle, Tish, all the girls from Specktra) and my makeup to keep me ''alive''.

Stress, go away

Pudgy Bunny said...

Ohhhh Thanks! I want to try this Line Filler, I hope it works as well for me as it does for you.

Shadowy Lady said...

I'm definitely getting the finishing powder. Thanks for the preview Adina

Krasey Beauty said...

Willa! I have missed you so much! Stress sucks, but I am glad you can stop by. Me want the line filler too

Pudgy bunny, you are very welcome! Let me know how it goes!

Saadeh, you are very welcome :-D

Crissy K said...

Whoa...great blog! How are things going with you? Maybe I'll see you at the IBS show :) Hugs!!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Cris!!!! Wow, you found me :-D How are you sweetie?! So good to see you :-D

IBS show? I haven't heard about this one! Tell me more!!!

Shruti said...

Hey beautiful i love this blog and ur so helful also HAPPPYYY BIRTHDAYY <33

Willa said...

Adina, do you know how much the liner filler retails??? :D

Krasey Beauty said...

Shruti, thank you so much darling!

Willa!!! The line filler will be $19 ;)

Crissy K said...

Hey lady! IBS is the International Beauty Show. It's coming up April 26-28 and they have the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa show at Javits at the same time. It's a whole day of beauty madness! It's a lot closer than the MakeUp Show :) he he. I love the spring lots of fun events!

Krasey Beauty said...

Crissy, sounds like I need to get my hands on a ticket ;) Did you go last year?

Contact me!!

Ernie said...

There's a makeup show here in NY,May 17 and 18:

Krasey Beauty said...

Awww Ernie, you know I have my tickets to that one already. Cannot wait!

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