Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MAC Colour Ready Preview Swatches

Mac Colour Ready is slated to be released on April 2nd, but I have your sneak peak right here.

Colour Ready Features:
Bitter Eyeshadow (Perm)- Bright Golden Green
White Frost Eyeshadow (Perm)- Creamy, bright Icey White

Rapidblack Penultimate Liner

Show Orchid Lipstick (Perm Pro)- Hot Pink Amplified Cream
Impassioned Lipstick (Perm)- Bright Fuchsia Amplified Cream

New to this collection will be Prep & Prime Finishing Powder (similar to MUFE HD Powder), Prep & Prime Line Filler (a plumping primer which fills in wrinkles, and Prep & Prime Skin Refined Zone (an oil control primer)

Here are my swatches of the color collection, which includes mostly permanent items:
Notice how similar Impassioned and Coral Polyp from Dame Edna are. Hope that helps some of you whittle down your choices.

Vibrant Grape from Style Warriors jumped into the swatches too :)

Till then, what are you eying from Colour Ready? I am excited about the line filler!


Willa said...

Mmm... Let's try the Prep & Prime Line Filler... it could help me and my new wrinkles friends ¬¬

Krasey Beauty said...

Willa, I am excited about the wrinkle filler too! Anything that plumps up the lines is my friend for sure! :)

Faith-Abigail said...

You've been tagged in for the Kreativ Blogger award! Hope you enjoy.

I love your blog! You have such awesome posts.

Anna said...

i am pretty open to all the prep and prime stuff...of course only after i read your review!

Krasey Beauty said...

Faith-Abigail, thank you so very much. I really appreciate the distinction!

Anna, you know I will review it all for you wonderful folks :-D

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