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MAC Sugarsweet, Swatches, Review & More!

Green duochrome appears throughout the whole collection. I found that kind of cool

The Shadesticks: You need them all. These shadesticks are beautiful and slide onto the skin like butter. The color selection is gorgeous too! I am thrilled to see shadesticks make their triumphant return!
My favorite colors had to be Red Velvet, a midtone matte pink and Lemon Chiffon, a frosty pale gold that will make a beautiful everyday color. Penny is a lovely metallic cool gold. Butternutty is your go to neutral beige, and cakeshop has a gorgeous green duochrome to it which naturally makes me want to put aquavert and club over it.

Of the eyeshadows, Dear Cupcake and Aquavert were my favs. It could just be me, but Aquavert seemed much greener this time as opposed to Lure's original release. Then again I am used to seeing aquavert in aqua lure packaging and it could just be the contrast with the black thats tricking me. Either way aquavert is frosty seafoam green gorgeousness while Dear Cupcake is creamy pinkness.
I did compare Dear Cupcake to Sushi Flower. While they are incredibley similar, I would classify Sushi flower as warmer while dear cupcake is cooler. I also got better payoff from Dear Cupcake, but that could be because it was new.
Don't bother with sugarshot. It is a craptastic lustre. The tester had a crust on top and ugh, fallout and crappy payoff were plentiful. Club is an awesome smokey color and stars and rockets is a fun duochrome shade of pink but we knew all that already

On the tricolor lipglasses. I'm not bothered by a tri-layered gloss, but I am also not a fan of these. These are way toooo sheer, and we all know how I feel about sheer lipglosses (read, I hate em). The only one that gave me a decent payoff was Tasty, but I already have more bright pink lipglasses than I could shake a stick at! Of note is that these smell really strongly of vanilla, though I can't tell if its a stronger vanilla than that of regular mac lip products.

The lipsticks:
Bubbles is a fun, pale and frosty shade, but I just don't need another lip highlight shade as I already have that covered my MUFE. Lollipop loving is a gorgeous coral with subtle green pearl. It is a glaze, which means subtle payoff and lots of shine. I am not a fan of the lustre formula but the color is too unique and lovely to pass up.Touch is a blah cool bronze and Sweet Thing is another lustre bright pink. Neither seemed unusual or particularly awe inspiring so I skipped over those. The star is St Germain imo, with its milky pink fabulosity! I cannot wait to play with this one It is a gorgeous milky Barbie pink color!

On to the mineralized skin finishes.
Refined seemed a bit too warm on me, but I find that to be the case with most brown based mineralized products. I am warm toned and I just feel like these turn orange and muddy on me, although the milky pink veins running throughout do help turn this shade to a more flattering peach.
Perfect topping is a pretty light pink with peach and lavendar veining. The end swatch is a light pink frosty highlight color. This is comparable to petticoat, but not as metallic and frosty and a touch cooler. It would make a good highlight on my nw20 self.
Of note, the texture on both msfs was lovely. Not gritty or glittery, just smooth and slightly frosty.

Nail polishes- Fun colors, but I just can't get excited about mac lacquers because they don't last more than a couple of days without chipping. And while the colors are fun and the green is unusual, I just can't hop on board or picture myself with green nails. Pass!

In short, I loved this collection and got most of it! I walked away with 2 lipsticks (St Germaine, Lollipop Loving), all the shadesticks, and 2 of the eyeshadows (Dear Cupcake and Aquavert).

Would love to know what you are all hauling ;)


Erin said...

Thanks for your review, Adina!

WOW! Sushi Flower is very similar to Dear Cupcake in terms of color...but I might like the texture of Dear Cupcake better because Sushi Flower doesn't have the best texture...at all.

I am also walking away with Dear Cupcake and Aquavert e/s.

I am not sure about the shadesticks though...and I don't like lustre lipsticks so I might pass on that too. We shall see...

Erin said...

Oh, and thanks for your review of Sugarshot e/s, I figured it would be a hot glittery mess.

Danelle said...

Crud. I bought most of this without looking at your blog. Your reviews would have changed my mind on a few things. But, all in all I think I did ok. I just ended up getting the stupid lustre e/s (sugarshot) and the brown msf (refined) before I saw this. I could have save myself some $$$!!! Thanks for the reviews!!! Love you!!

MakeUpByCaroline said...

Wonderful review Adina :) Although Lollipop Lovin' is a glaze, not lustre. Def will be getting LL and maybe one of the shadesticks!

valiohh said...

you got them earlyY!?
ahhh i'm soo in need of this collection nOWnow NOW!
lovin your haul!

Krasey Beauty said...

Erin, you are so very welcome! I definitely prefer Dear Cupcake to Sushi Flower as its so much silkier and went on more pigmented! Can't wait to hear what you think of it!

Danelle darling, rest assured I will always give you my opinions of collections whenever you want :) What did you end up ordering? :-D

Caroline, thanks for pointing that out! I am glad you enjoyed my review and can't wait to hear how you like what you get.

Valiohh, thanks! I go to my pro store where collections are always released a week early :-D

purrtykitty said...

Mmm, I want!! I still will probably end up with Sugarshot, though. Can't wait to get my hands on St. Germain!

Andrienne said...

great review! just dessert and simply delicious look so yummy! i'm so wanting refined MSF as it looks like it would be suitable for my skin tone. how's the nail lacquer? i was searching like a lunatic for swatches over the creamy pink lacquer as i have been searching for ages for such creamy pink. agree with you that the green is fun...but to look at your nails in green, it just doesn't look right.

Krasey Beauty said...

Karin, cannot wait to hear what your thoughts are on this collection!

Andrienne, thanks! Honestly, I would not waste my time with Mac nail lacquers. They just don't have any staying power, no matter what base and top coat you pair them with.

Apple Diva said...

The swatches look good, but I am going to pass on most of this collection. I hear the MSFs are fyah!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Apple, I hear ya. I loved this collection but I understand its not for everyone. Funny, but I didn't get any of the msfs. Go figure! Haha

Marjo on makeup frenzy said...

Thanks for your review Krasey.. I was planning to buy Sugarshot but you disabled me :) I didn't like the MSFs, I think they are chalky! I am probably the only one who hated the MSFs in this collection.. But shadesticks were great, with a better formula, I'll get them all too. I also will buy sweet thing, LL, aquavert, dear cupcake and tasty TCL for its unique shape :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Marjo, you are so very welcome! Sounds like you have a fantastic list there!!

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