Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mac Prep and Prime Line Filler Review

Mac Prep and Prime Line Filler is being released with the Colour Ready Collection. So before that comes out, let me give you all a brief review/preview

What it is: Prep and Prime is a spot treatment primer to be used on areas of the face where you want to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Where you can use it: Crows Feet, Laugh Lines, Under the eyes to reduce puffiness. Pretty much anywhere!

Does it work?!: Heck yes! This product is absolutely amazingly awesome. It is thick and creamy, and blends flawlessly into the skin. This bad boy reduced my under eye puffiness and made my foundation glide on. Instead of accentuating furrows, it made my makeup look absolutely flawless. I know, I know. I am only 24 (gosh its hard to get used to saying that!), but a girl could still use a little help in looking silky smooth.

Pics don't lie, and here is the proof!
This is my hand before applying anything, notice the superfine wrinkles.

After rubbing the product in. Notice that completely smooth spot in the middle? Yep, thats the line filler doing its magic. Pretty cool, huh? Please click on the pic to see the details and get the full effect!

And here is what it looks like under foundation. I dare you to find a wrinkle on my face!
Yep, Mac done did good with this little baby (and I do mean little). I highlight recommend this product for all you gals who have a few lines or eye bags you want to hide.

Mac Prep and Prime Line Filler officially launches April 2nd with the Color Ready Collection!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, Adina! I will definitely check this out when the collection launches on Thursday. I'm so excited!

elegant-one said...

Great Review! I just bought both. You can really see the difference in your photos. Thanks!!!

Willa said...

Thanks for showing this, I just can't wait to try it out <3

Do you think it's kinda like the All Mat from MUFE?

Krasey Beauty said...

Amy, you are very welcome! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Elegant-one, thank you :) The photos definitely don't lie!

Will, you are very very welcome! Thats a great question! All Mat is a mattifying primer whereas this is a spot line filler. I would imagine the refined zone is closer to All Mat :)

Caramel Geek said...

Thank you thank you so much for the review. =)
Now I'm really convinced that I need this (and the finishing powder as well). I might even get one for my mum as well. ;)

Krasey Beauty said...

Caramel, you are very very welcome!

jenee.sum said...

Thanks Adina!! this review was awesome! I totally see the difference! amazing!

Krasey Beauty said...

Isn't it amazing Jenee?! Can't wait for you to try it ;)

☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

Oh wow :D I want this now! I wonder if it'll work on pores though...that's my biggest issue with my face :\ I think their new primer is supposed to be awesome for pores. We shall see!

Krasey Beauty said...

Jacqueline, refined zone is supposed to minimize pores over time :)

Willa said...

I have the All mat and it doesnt fill lines like it did on your hand...


XOXO Kayra said...

just ordered this ... looks lovely on your hand.

Krasey Beauty said...

Willa, have you picked this up yet?

Kayra, come back and tell me what you think ;)

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