Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reader's Question- Keeping It In Line

This post stems from the questions I have been receiving elsewhere regarding eyeliners.

Specifically, what are the types, how do they work, and what kinds of results do each yield.

The answers to all this and more lies ahead:

Liquid Liner, Inkwell: Liquid liners are best for thin precise lines that are both crisp and dark. Liquids are not for smudging, nor are they for those with shakey hands. I personally love the liquid liner medium, but do not reach for them when I am in a hurry as application does take longer than with gel or pencil.
Examples: Make Up For Ever Liquid Liner, Nars Liquid Liner Lancome Art Liner, Urban Decay Liquid Liner
Liquid Liner, Pen:
This type of liner has 2 styles: the free flowing (no clicking necessary) and the click style pens. The advantages to this style of liner is that you do not have to buy an extra brush, nor do you have to dip your brush into a well of liner. The whole systems comes in one easy piece. Like with liquid liners, you get crisp lines and precision with this style.
Examples: Ecriture de Chanel (Click Style), Mac Penultimate (Free Flowing), Shiseido Fine Eyeliner Pen (Free flowing)
Top is penultimate, bottom is ecriture de Chanel
Gel Liner:
Gel liner is rapidly on the rise as a go to liner for many. It feature a pot of creamy gel that you then dip your brush (sold seperately) into to apply. Gel liner is long lasting, water-resistant, flake free and intense. It offers the sharpness of liquid with the maneuverability of pencil. Gels can also be smudged in the first minute before they set.
Examples: MAC Fluidline, Make Up For Ever Gel Liners, Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
Khol liners have been around since the time of the Egyptians and are the quintessential smokey eyes liner. They are not known for their precision of application, but rather for their ability to be smudged out to achieve sexy bedroom eyes. I do not recommend this for those with oily lids however, as they are known to fade and migrate. Another important thing to remember with khol is that they work best when "set" afterward by running a matching powder shadow over it.
Examples: Mac Khol Power, Make Up For Ever Khol Pencils
Waterproof Pencils:
Waterproof pencils are often gel based, and are perfect for those with shakey hands or for those who want the lasting power of gel and liquid, but without the mess. I find pencils to be fantastic for both the waterline and for creating somewhat thicker, soft focus lines on the lid. Downside is that many of these do need to be sharpened.
Examples: Mac Technakhol, Urban Decay 24/7, Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes

My favorites you ask? That would be Ecriture de Chanel for the lid, Make Up For Ever Gel Liner for lid and waterline, and MAC Khol Power for the waterline.

My favorite liner color? I think that one is obvious, its purple. I hope the pics help, I only took a picture of part of my collection to illustrate various points, the rest of it can be found in my work and boyfriend's house makeup bags. I love me some liners!

So... what works for you? Inquiring minds want to know


Anonymous said...

There are also loose powder kohls for the waterline. AFAIK only Guerlain makes this type of product. It is glorious and I have it in every colour and use it every day! It's a little tricky and hard to get used to but I am totally hooked.

What kinds of brushes do you recommend for gel liners? I have the pointy Smashbox liner brush with the angled handle for my MAC Fluidline but I wonder if a crisp angle brush or flat brush is better...

Krasey Beauty said...

Alienne4, I have totally been meaning to check out the loose khols! Loreal HIP now makes them too!

About the brushes, I have a post coming up on that soon! Stay tuned ;)

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