Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Whats Old is New Again- Lipstick Queen's Oxymoron Matte Gloss

I know a lot of you are familiar with the concept of "shopping your stash." Basically, you justify not buying a new product by finding a suitable replacement in your already too large collection.
While that's a foreign concept to me (you are telling me I don't NEED this shade of lipstick because I have 10 just like it?!), I will admit it is nice to rediscover certain items long forgotten.

Serendipitously, while cleaning out my traincase; I picked up an item that I had previously quickly gotten bored with. I decided to give it one more chance before I banished it to the far corners of my storage facilities; the same place things like Power Rangers and Snap Bracelets linger.

Boy am I glad I gave this baby another chance! Allow me to introduce you to the most gorgeous peachy pink shade in my arsenal: Lipstick Queen's Oxymoron Matte Gloss in Free Ride.
Isn't it purrrty? I think I had a phase where I was snatching up peach lipsticks left and right, and this just happened to be one of the products I picked up in the frenzy.

It isn't just the color of this that leaves me all in a tizzy, it is the formula which is nothing short of amazing. In general, I am a big fan of matte, opaque lipsticks. Matte lipstick's caveat? They tend to dry out the lips and emphasize lines. Topping with gloss is no good either since that drastically shortens the wear.

Enter the oxymoron, a matte lipstick in pot form designed to offer the full opaque coverage and durability of a matte, with a subtle shine. The product is described on the site as being a matte gloss, but to me it is a glossy full coverage lipstick. It lasts alllll day with literally no fading. Bonus in that this product doubles as a cream blush.
Here are the obligatory swatches:

Oxymoron gloss, you are here to stay in my heart. Matter of fact, I think I just may NEED some more colors.

If you are like me, and like full coverage lipsticks with a hint of shine to them, you will love the Oxymoron Matte Gloss from Lipstick Queen!

Get yours at Lipstick Queen's website here


Ernie said...

Now I have to go to Bloomingdales to check these out.

Krasey Beauty said...

Please do and let me know what you think!

Anonymous said...

LQ is sooo great!!!

Just letting you know they are not sold at Bloomys, but Barneys has the whole collection. LOVE IT.

www.lipstickqueen.com has a stores section that lists everywhere its sold.

Krasey Beauty said...

Anonymous, I agree. LQ is great!

The bloomingdales in NYC on 59th street does have Lipstick Queen. You can find it in the Space NK section :)

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