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Flashback! The Makeup Show 2008

FLASHBACK: The Makeup Show NYC 2008

The concept: The makeup show is a yearly cosmetics tradeshow that is held by the Powder Group. The focus of the show is professional makeup applications, and various brands from all over the cosmetics industry come together to display products, hold demonstrations, and teach
workshops. The makeup show is a great place to not only network with other artists and learn about new brands and trends- it is also a great place to snag professional quality cosmetics at discounted prices. The makeup show is a mecca for everyone from the budding artists to the well-seasoned veterans. Overall, it is an event not to missed for anyone who is passionate about the makeup world.

The set up:
The show is set up in a large one-floor convention center. The booths are set up to be open tables with industry professionals displaying and explaining their products. There are two breakoff sections in the corners of the space, which are designated as demo corners. Each demo corner had a mini stage and rows of chairs. Demos ran for about 45 minutes each and a new demo was held every hour. Off behind closed doors, several workshops went on.

The lights were bright and the atmosphere was charged. Several body painted beauties roamed the floor showcasing different styles, brands and products. Some booths even took their demos to the visitors who could walk away with a glittery makeup tattoo on their faces or a press on eyeshadow look.

The Booths/Exhibitors:
This show saw a myriad of brands. Here is the list of all the companies featured: (this is taken from the official site by the way (

LuMESH Cosmetics
Alcone Company
MAC Cosmetics
Alison Raffaele Cosmetics
Make-Up Designory
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Makeup Artist Magazine
Apres Camouflage Makeup
Make Up For Ever
Auraline Beauty
Mario Badescu Skin Care
Awake Cosmetics
beauty ADDICTS
MG Hair & Makeup
Becca Cosmetics
MONDA Studio
Boaz Stein
Motives-Market America
Big Girl Cosmetics
Myrabelle Products
Naimie's Beauty Center
Cinema Secrets
Naked Cosmetics
Color Mundo
National Fiber Technology
ColorOn Professional
Nixie Cosmetics
Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry
Nurturing Force
Cover Girl
NuSkin Galvanic Spa
Crown Brushes
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Elegant Faces
Pencil Me In Cosmetics
PowderPuff Squad, Inc.
Eve Pearl
Ramy Cosmetics
FACE Atelier
Rouge Makeup Studio
Friends Beauty Supply
Rubis Tweezers
Graftobian Makeup
Senna Cosmetics
Hagen Linns SilverRain Studios
Iredale Mineral Cosmetics
Stila Cosmetics
JAO Ltd.
Kett Cosmetics
Three Custom Color Specialists
Kissable Couture
Too Faced Cosmetics
Kryolan Professional
Vancouver Film School
Wolfe Brothers Face Art & FX
Linda Mason Elements
Yaby Cosmetics
Lord & Berry

As you can see, everything from makeup schools to accessory shops were featured.

Some of the Sunday demos from 2008:
The Eco Artist- Alison Rafaelle for On Makeup Magazine
Essential Character Techniques: 10 Minute Prosthetics- Paul Thompson for Makeup Designory
Hand'-ling HD Makeup- Kevin James Bennett for Makeup Forever
Hi-Def to Bridal Beauty: Revolutionary makeup for an evolving industry- JP McCary for Temptu
Beautiful Makeup- AJ Crimson for Kissable Couture
Tools of the Trade- Eve Pearl for Alcone
And the list goes on and on

"So who here is a makeup whore?"
These were literally the first words out of Kevin J Bennett's mouth. Kevin James Bennett is Make Up For Ever's Artistic Director, and his demonstration was all about HD makeup. The year 2009 saw the implementation of High Definition broadcasting across all television networks.
"How does HD TV affect makeup artists? Well the HD lens sees 6x more details than the human eye can pick up alone." As a result, the makeup artist will want to make a person on air look flawless, without having them look like they are wearing makeup. A dramatic makeup look might be ok for a soap opera star, but you don't want to look at a newscaster for example and be distracted by the excessive makeup he/she has on.

As a brand, Make Up For Ever is by the artist and for the artist. An interesting tidbit that Kevin shared with the audience is that the founder of makeup forever (Dany Sanz) got her start as a painter of sets. When she saw the need for non transferring makeup for models/actresses bodies in her own work, she set about to cooking up a water resistant, non transferable- body paint. Thus, Make Up For Ever was born.

The HD foundation line is entirely silicone based with a huge part of the formulation's charm being one other special ingredient: light-reflecting mica. The result is a foundation and finishing powder formulation that mimics skin texture brilliantly without being too matte or too shiny. Kevin transformed the lovely Devin before our very eyes, just to demonstrate the power of this product. He started with an HD primer base (these are clear and color correcting options available), he then started with a shade in the model's skintone and then worked in both a lighter shade of foundation to highlight and a darker than skintone foundation to contour. He finished the look up with HD powder, a colorless setting powder meant to be used to set and also to get rid of excess oils on the face. The end result was a gorgeous flawless face that did not look at all made up. Best of all this stuff is water resistance, and will not come off unless you use an oil based cleanser.

Best Moments of 2008:
Getting my brows done by one of the Anastasia professionals was definitely high up there, but the ultimate highlight of the day for me was being matched for HD foundation by none other than Kevin Bennett- Makeup Forever's very own artistic director. The man is amazing! He is charming, knowledgeable and completely in tune with his client's needs and wants. I walked away from the experience with a flawless face, 2 photos and an experience I won't soon forget.

Some pics :-D

The HD Demo with Kevin and Devin
This model was painted in 3 dimensional body paint. The effect was
very out there and very cool.

MUFE Model- She was painted and airbrushed. I think the end result was beautiful
Me and the ever- fabulous Kevin James Bennett from Make Up For Ever- This man is amazing!

Model Being Made Up
Yep, its Enkore :-D
How stylish is my bright orange bag? ;) Off topic, but this is what I look like 25 pounds heavier than I am now. Ha!

Hope you enjoyed my little flashback! Industry insiders, be sure to check out the Makeup Show this year, its going to be off the hook! More on that later!


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Hope to visit Makeup Show this year!

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what a great morning to read my online newspaper from you ;-) i can't wait to read your story about the Makeup Show this year. i'm guessing this event only happens in NYC or any fashion cities but not in Los Angeles. I haven't heard it until today.

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Emma, do let me know if you do!

Sandra, thank you :) There was an LA show back in March :)

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what a extraordinary period to translate my online newspaper from you ;-) i can't inactivity to see your news some the Cosmetic Guide this assemblage. i'm guessing this event only happens in NYC or any practice cities but not in Los Angeles. I port't heard it until today.

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