Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shu Uemura Lashes in Nature- Tokyo Lash Bar for Summer 2009

Source for Promo Image: Glossy-Kiss

Every year, Shu Uemura releases a special limited collection of luxe couture lashes in avant garde styles. Appropriately called the Tokyo Lash Bar, these iconic collections have fashion and beauty junkies alike chomping at the bit to get their hands on them!
Well I have come across some snippets of information on this summer's upcoming release: Lashes in Nature. This collection doesn't disappoint, and includes feather, rainbow, and plumed lashes.
Playing up trends, and pushing the envelope; these lashes are absolutely gorgeous and sure to catch attention!

Source: New York Magazine

So what do we think? I am swooning for the last pair!


Hannah said...

Ever since I was a kid I've loved rainbows (I think it was the fact I didn't want to have to choose a single colour as my favourite for a certain period of time). So the second intrigues me but the third is very nice as well Adina! But where would you wear something like this? I'll just have to divert my funds to something else I think!

(oh and btw, like I told you, love your blog and am checking it out at my lunch @ work. Yes Saturday work. Hannah isn't pleased)

smiley13tree said...

I love the pair in the ad! It's so elegant and then like a pop of exotic!

Anonymous said...

i love the last pair too!!

FuN and MakeUp said...

i like em but i wouldnt wear em out.. would u? if u do get them.. dont 4get to post!

Krasey Beauty said...

Hannah, I agree. There is just something so gorgeous about rainbows! I think these lashes would be awesome to wear out to parties and/or costume parties!

Smiley13tree, I definitely agree! And the ad is stunning too!

Laxlaxloca, agreed! They are wildly exotic too!

Fun and MakeUp, I think I would wear them out given the proper occasion. Will definitely post pics if I get em!

Elle said...

Ooh, these are gorgeous. Would you ever do a false lashes application tutorial for the helpless ones like me out here? :) Love your website so much!

Krasey Beauty said...

Elle, thank you so much! I will add the falsies tutorial to the list :)

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