Thursday, April 2, 2009

Illamasqua Cosmetics, where have you been all my life?

Ever have an itch you can't scratch? A particular item just out of reach? Yep, I am seriously jonesing for something new and exciting and I think I have found it.

While engaging in my daily ritual of procrastin... errrr... online research (reading beauty blogs while at work help me concentrate, promise); I stumbled upon a name that was as intriguing as it was hard to pronounce. Illamasqua Cosmetics is a UK based brand, specializing in richly pigmented and luxuriously packaged products designed to create bold and daring looks.

Besides having a gorgeous website with amazing featured looks, the products look rich and pigmented and of exceptional quality. They kind of remind me of the love of my life, Make Up For Ever . If these products compare, world better watch out cause I will stock up whenever I can!

Illamasqua Cosmetics are currently only available in the UK, making it depressingly out of reach.
I know, I know. These looks are dramatic, but they showcase the quality oh so well. I adore looks that POP!
Have any of you UK gals heard of or tried the brand? If so, I want to hear your thoughts! If you are in the UK, you can purchase the products here. All you lucky duckies, I'm so jealous!

And speaking of dramatic and awesome makeup; have you seen the new Make Up For Ever Sephora launch page? Im in lurve!!!
That is all ;)


Willa said...

We NEED to find a way to order these...

Krasey Beauty said...

Willa, how about a road trip to England? ;)

MakeUpByCaroline said...

Hey love, I'm off to London on Monday if you wanted me to CP you anything? I posted about it on Specktra too if you're interested -

Let me know hun :)

Willa said...

Hmmm why not, we could call Jeanette, Moxy, Susanne and Nunu and make a wonderful makeup trip!

Krasey Beauty said...

Seriously! I wanna goooooo

the-swatchaholic said...

Hmmm Illamasqua! I can't wait to try some of their stuff too!

It is so sweet of you Caroline that you want to CP some Illamasqua for those who can't order it yet. <3

Makeup trip sounds great hun! :D

I am thinking about finally getting a CC because there are too much temptations and you need a CC to order Illamasqua online. O.o

Krasey Beauty said...

Jeanette, you simply must go for it!

Caroline, we need to discuss this more ;)

Houston Living said...

Oh, snap!! What up with Willa leaving me out of the trip???

Krasey Beauty said...

D, that's because you are a part of me. Where I go, I insist and demand that you go too! <3

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