Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yves St Laurent Summer 2009 Collection- Now Available

Good grief, first Nars now Yves St Laurent . I cannot handle so many new and amazing releases so close together. I'm cross eyed from all these collections!

So tell me, are you ready for this jelly?

I WANT, NEED, HAVE TO HAVE: The eye palette, peacock blue mascara, and the amethyst cream shadow :) Now if only the wallet would cooperate! I think it just gave me the finger
Find all of YSL's summer collection here


Hannah said...

so blue shadow seems as though itll be "in" this summer. Hmmm I'm working on using the ton of blue shadows/pigments I've accumulated but I want some fierce raspberry type colours to be released!!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Hannah, blues are definitely hot for this summer.

For a great raspberry look no further than MUFE's number 58. It is full of raspberry goodness :)

Anna said...

i'm so jealous that you live in a civilized part of the US and have access to so many collection release information!

honestly though, I think color craft is going to kill me this summer and I am not going to be buying anything else unless I have ensured that I have bought everything I want from there lol

Krasey Beauty said...

Awww Anna, no worries. You always have me to bring you the scoop here :)

I think everyone is looking forward to colour craft!

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