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Mac Rose Romance Sneak Peek Review

I had the wonderful opportunity to preview this collection yesterday,and I am here to share my thoughts with all of you. I apologize for lack of swatch photos, I just couldn't get those in.

Color Story and Review (Color Story information and promotional image credited to

Eye Shadows
* Silver Thorn - While this color looked straight up silver in the pan, on my hand it transformed to a silver with strong gold/green tones to it. The uniqueness of this shade is making me consider adding it to my collection
* Of Summer - Another frosty light shade of pass. Not terribly original, I will pass on this one.
* Creme de Violet - A permanent color, Creme de Violet is a midtone pinky lavendar
* Shadowy Lady - Blackened burdundy and also part of the permanent collection
* Et Tu, Bouquet - A frosty pink with strong gold tones. Another highlight color, nothing we have not seen before sadly.

Pigments- If you do not have these from the previous launches, I do recommend them
* Mutiny - A glittery shade of sky blue
* Circa Plum - Dirty mid-tone plum.

* Way To Love - Another light pink with light color payoff, pass
* A Rose Romance - A medium rose with fair color payoff. Reminded me a bit of the new Viva Glam VI SE lipstick
* Odyssey - Permanent to the collection, a dark shade of plum which applies relatively lighter on the skin

Lipglass- These stay true to the traditional lipglass formula, albeit with seemingly more reflective glitter
* Virgin Kiss - Glittery Pale Pink
* Magnetique - High shine dark violet/pink
* Steal My Heart - Sheer bright pink

See Thru Lip Colour- MAC has released these many times before. If you are a fan of stains you might like these. Personally, I am not. They are way too much work for barely there color
* Loving Touch - A light pink, this one hardly showed up on my hand and will not do anything for my pigmented lips
* Secret Crush - Red berry in color. Also sheers down a lot
* Tender Tryst - Sheer plum

Gel Blush
* Just a Pinch - Looks dark red in the pot but blends into the skin beautifully to create a flushed shade of pink. These are EXACTLY like Tarte Cheek Stains in both texture, blendability and color. It comes in a jar the size of a paintpot jar.

Beauty Powder- These were one of my favorite parts of the collection. These look satiny in the pan, but apply with a subtle sheen and irridescance. They are just dark enough to be used as a blush on my NW15 self, and the rose embossed pattern on the powder is gorgeous!
* Blush of Youth - Cool pink
* Summer Rose - Dusty rose

Nail Lacquer
* Love & Friendship - A mauvey shade of lavender. This one reminded me a lot of the current color I am wearing, Done Out in Deco by OPI. Only difference is L&F is much more mauve whereas DOID is straight up lavender. This is a pretty color, but MAC nail lacquers always leave me wishing they wouldn't chip so much

* Splashproof Lash - Finally repromoting a waterproof mascara for a spring collection. Who woulda thunk it, haha.

Fix+ Rose
* Fix+ Rose - This looks and feels exactly like the original Fix+ that we all know and love. Only difference is that this one carries the light scent of roses. I think this will come home with me :)

* Creations: DejaRose - This one is heavily rose scented. Honestly, I was not a fan. It was a bit too "mature" for me.

Overall, I felt that this was a well-rounded, but boring collection. The pastel shadows didn't inspire, nor did the the already beaten to death pink/plummy lip shades.

Standouts for me included Silverthorn Eyeshadow, the beauty powders, and the Fix+ with rose.

I hope you enjoyed my review, would love to know what you will all be hauling! Comment box is open for business ;)


Erin said...

Thanks sooo much for your input!!! I am going to get only the standouts, if even that. But I will def. get that Fix + Rose.

Hannah said...

Thanks for your review girl! I'll stand by my getting just one, MAYBE both beauty powders. But tbh I've not started using my pretty baby from HK. So not sure I'd need many more!!

Now my sights will defo switch to MUFE. Nothing really spectacufantastic, like maybe one from this collection, maybe a dazzleglass. *shrug* nothing til maybe Colour Craft, but I've vowed no more blushes, no more lip items.

I will allow myself to continue to get a crapton more e/s!

Ernie said...

I'm actually lovin this collection more than I thought. The BP's are graet, lot's of color payoff on me. You know I love the nail polish, it's gorgeous.

Adina, did you sniff the cologne, yucky.

Pudgy Bunny said...

Thanks for your reviews :D

Krasey Beauty said...

Erin, you are very welcome! The fix+ is pretty great!

Hannah, good call ;) MUFE all the way!

Ernie, that perfume was NASTY! It was way too strongly floral and kind of smelled like old lady!

Pudgy, you are so very welcome!

Mickey Mortimer said...

Hmm. Mutiny sounds interesting, but could you describe how it's different from Azreal Blue, one of my standard glittery light blues?

Krasey Beauty said...

Mickey, Mutiny is like a more kicked up and slightly darker Azreal Blue :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your reviews! I love your blog =O) Did you get a chance to check out the nordstrom quad?

thank you sweetie!! <3

Krasey Beauty said...

Anonymous, you are so very welcome!!!

Anonymous said...

Great review, very helpful! Those rose powders sound amazing, I'm so glad to hear they're deep enough to be used as a blush (I'm NW15 too) yay!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Stefanie, you could totally use them as blushes! Glad I was helpful :-D

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