Friday, April 10, 2009

Double Dazzle- Dazzle like woah

Back in Spring of 2008, MAC introduced the Dazzleglasses, a new formulation of lipgloss with amped up glitter and shine. Not for the meek and mild, these babies pack a punch.
The masses were hooked to these limited edition glittery wonders, and this girl right here was not satisfied until she walked away with EACH AND EVERY ONE.

With lips drenched in glitter, MAC girls everywhere spoke up and requested these babies become part of the permanent collection. Well the MAC gods have smiled upon us all, and with the Double Dazzle Collection, MAC has not only introduced new shades, but they have made most of this collection PERMANENT! Thats right, now we can get our dazzley fix whenever we want.
Colors released in this collection included:
  • Goldyrocks - Sheer soft yellow with pink and gold pearl (LE)

  • Smile - Light coral with pink and gold pearl

  • Extra Amps - Sheer bright blue pink with blue and pink pearl

  • Moth to a Flame - Sheer neutral beige with violet pearl

  • Girl's Delight - Sheer mid-tone tan with gold pearl

  • Sugarrimmed - Milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl

  • Steppin’ Out - Clean yellow pink with red pearl

  • Utterly Posh - Mid-tone orange with pink and gold pearl (LE)

  • Love Alert - Raspberry red with red pearl

  • Date Night - Deep plum with blue and gold pearl

  • Funtabulous - Purple with violet pearl

  • Like Venus - Clean light bubble gum pink with red pearl

  • Stop! Look! - Sheer violet mauve with blue and pink pearl (LE)

  • Money Honey - Mid-tone rosy mauve with red pearl

  • Rags to Riches - Plummy pink with teal and red pearl

  • Baby Sparks - Pale pink with violet pearl

  • Bare Necessity - Caramel apricot with red and gold pearl

  • Get Rich Quick Warm yellow brown
* Info credit to

I walked away with Moth to Flame; (which looks AMAZING over MAC Myth Lipstick) Goldyrocks (the gorgeous gold flecks in these rock over Lollipop Lovin); Smile (a gorgeous light coral that will rock in the summertime) and Utterly Posh (another stunning, albeit darker shade of coral with strong orange tones)

Enough blabber, here is all the swatchy goodness. Somehow Money Honey is missing :-/

Left to Right Top to Bottom:

Stop! Look!, Extra Amps, Goldyrocks, Moth to Flame, Girls Delight, Utterly Posh
Baby Sparks, Sugarrimmed, Smile, Bare Necessity, Love Alert
Like Venus, Get Rich Quick, Funtabulous, Date Night, Steppin Out
Get Rich Quick ( sorry dont know why I swatched it twice), Rags to Riches.
In the sun:

The result of my swatching handiwork, the tester brushes :-D
Left side is Lollipop Loving with Smile on top (left) and goldyrocks on top (right)
Next to it on top is Myth with Moth to Flame on Top (right)
I hope you enjoyed my swatches. Would love to know, what did you all get? ;)


ASourSkittle said...

amazing! i am definitely going to get backups of the LE ones...

jilliandanica said...

I want Goldyrocks for sure!

Ernie said...

Yeah well I bought the 7 new ones, couldn't help myself. I love Smile, I think it's the one I'll get the most use out of.
Thanks for the great swatches!

Pudgy Bunny said...

Thanks for all the Dazzleglass swatches they are fabulous. :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Anna, you will not regret it!

Jillian, Goldyrocks is definitely gorgeous!

Ernie, good call on picking them all up. I agree, Smile was one of my favorites as well!

Pudgy Bunny, you are very welcome ;)

Houston Living said...

Girl, your swatches are amazing. I love them!

Krasey Beauty said...

D, I am so glad they are helpful to you! <3 you!

Jessica said...

I am going to pick up smile and utterly posh. I am ticked that utterly posh is LE.

Krasey Beauty said...

I hear ya Jessica! They should all be perm!

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