Friday, April 17, 2009

Nars Summer 2009 Collection- The Swatches

Nars Summer 2009 collection isn't scheduled to be released until May of 2009, but I have your sneak peak swatches right here!

Overall I found the lipsticks to be sheer blah shades of rose and copper, very uninspiring

The bronzer was way too yellow on my pale skin

Belize was a pinky beige nude lipgloss. Again, nothing special.

Scorching sun is AH MAZE ING. Seriously, you all need this duo. The light color is a bright sunflower yellow with strong orange undertones while the darker shade is like the orange in Meditaranee, only orangier. Yep, this color would make Tang weep with envy! Both colors are smooth and richly pigmented, with a super fine sparkle.

Topic has me a little bit confused. No doubt this color is unique and STUNNING, but there is glitter fallout like woah. Nevertheless the color has me screaming WANT!

Lets get down to bizzness shall we?
So did anyone see this in person yet, what are your thoughts ;)


jilliandanica said...

"Tang weep with envy" haha thanks for the swatches

Vintage Me New You said...

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Krasey Beauty said...

Jillian, glad you appreciate my wit ;) Your welcome!

Gia, thanks for the invite! Going to join now :-D

Apple Diva said...

I want Belize l/g!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Apple Diva, while I felt the gloss was pretty, in the end I felt like it wasn't THAT unique, ya know? ;) The eyeshadows however... drool!

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