Friday, April 17, 2009

Yves St Laurent- Summer 2009 Swatches and Review

Q: What do you get when you mix lush tropical greenery with the African Jungle?

A: You get Yves St Laurent's Summer 2009 Collection: a collection bursting at the seams with eye colors inspired by birds of paradise, sheer, albeit bright lip colors, and a peacock blue mascara that has me all in a tizzy.

The cream eyeshadows in this collection are heavenly. They are incredibly creamy, and full of rich sparkling pigments that DO NOT BUDGE once they set (takes about 10 seconds)

The quint is TO DIE FOR. It has everything from matte to shimmer, with each color being full of rich intense pigment. Seriously, I NEED this in my life

The mascara is a dark shade of peacock blue that I also NEED. And its waterproof so its perfect to add a pop of color to the eyes in the sweltering heat of summer

The lips are beautiful as well, but unfortunately lip palettes and sheer colors are not my cuppa tea, ya know?

On to the swatches we go! Try not to drool on the screen please ;)


Belle Du Jour said...

cream shadows look unreal! must buy!

KiLLaCaM said...

i need that mascara in my life pronto!

i've never used YSL personally, but you've sold me!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous... I honestly drooled. Thank you for the post! (I have to get an id so I stop being anonymous!)

Krasey Beauty said...

Belle, I agree! The creams are stunning!

KillaCaM, YSL is an amazing brand. Matter of fact, its my fav luxury brand!

Anonymous, it is a stunning collection to be sure! You are very welcome!

Houston Living said...

I. Am. Dying. Soooo friggin' beautiful!! I love your swatches, my dear!! <3

Krasey Beauty said...

Danelle, thank you!

This whole collection is just so stunning!!!

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