Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Urban Decay Big Fatty Colored Mascara- Review & Swatches

I am all about the colored mascaras lately. Perfect for summer, I feel like a bright mascara can really bring some life to tired eyes, especially when you just aren't in the mood to bother with complicated makeup.

In the first part of my colored mascara series, I will review & swatch Urban Decay Big Fatty colored mascara in Flipside and Electric Blue.

Electric Blue has been around since the mascara's inception,and is a bright shade of electric turquoise.
Flipside is a new addition for the summer, and is a Bright Teal.

In terms of performance, I would say this mascara falls into the avg category. I saw definition and a slight increase in length, but virtually no thickening. I did not experience clumping or flaking, and it wore well throughout the day.

The colors are what makes these special. So many colored mascaras deposit barely noticeable hints of color. Not these. There is no doubt when you are wearing it that your lashes are tinted turquoise or teal.

All in all, these mascaras are fun for the color, but don't expect a full lash makeover.


Electric Blue:
So what do you all say to the colored mascara trend, yay or nay? :)


AmRam113 said...

I agree that using colored mascaras are a great way to brighten up the eyes, especially in the hot summer months when wearing a lot of heavy eye makeup can seem like too much. These are definitely pretty additions to my collection! After seeing your swatches I definitely want to try out Flipside this week!

Willa said...

I'm not very into colored mascara except for special events, photoshoot and such. On you it looks great, but I just think about my mother or ladies of her age and they don't seem to understand that you need to remove your mascara before going to sleep and apply some more the next morning... brrrr

Lala said...

ohh wow love that purple color, you gonna get any of the colors?

Belle Du Jour said...

HI beautiful, I am going to have to give it a NAY. I just cant seem to get into it!

Krasey Beauty said...

AmRam113, yep yep! :-D What you said ;)

Willa, thank you :o) That is gross about the mascara!

Lala, I think I have enough of the UD ones. I have heard the purple is nothing to write home about.

Belle Du Jour, I hear ya! It definitely isn't for everyone :)

FuN and MakeUp said...

ur lashes are soo long.. im jealous ><

Krasey Beauty said...

Aww, thanks Fun and Makeup :)

Pudgy Bunny said...

I love it on you. And I'd love to try it.

Willa : ove I am guilty of falling asleep with mascara on. Whoopsy... and then using makeup remover in the shower. Yeah its all smudgy and gross the next morning.

NIK said...

I don't know what it is about blue mascara, I have never owned one...but whenever I see it on anyone I am in love! Can you recommend your favorite longlasting mascara a la "Electric Blue?"

Krasey Beauty said...

Pudgy Bunny, thanks so much! Bad gal for sleeping with masc on! Haha.

NIK, best one I have tried thus far is Diorshow in Blue. I am about to try the YSL summer Peacock Blue waterproof mascara very soon. Expect a review ;)

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