Wednesday, April 1, 2009

YSL Treasures of Africa Summer 2009 Collection

Ahh YSL, you forever have a place in my heart. With your luxurious gold packaging and amazing products, you know I will always come back to you.

This time its the summer 2009 color story and promo images that have me jumping up and down.

The NEW SUMMER LOOK 2009 is a tribute to a vividly imagined land that invites us to discover the treasures of Africa. The Yves Saint Laurent woman defies the fiery rays of the sun at its zenith. In the season’s visual, her lips are natural and just slightly colored to emphasize the tantalizing power of her monochromatic, deep blue eye shadow. Hovering between darkness and light with radiant, contrasting colors, she proclaims the power of supreme seduction. The sensuality of the sun illuminates her skin with golden hues, while her intense eyes affirm her presence, and her lips are sheathed in fleshy transparency.

Tresor d’Afrique Poudre de Soleil Collector (Collector Sun Powder) ($72.00)
A mysterious wooden case, like a souvenir brought back from an unforgettable trip, this monogrammed compact contains a real treasure, an XXL sun powder. The Cassandra-logo engraved in the middle looks as if it has been written in the smooth sand of an arid shore. The shade and formula of this Collector Sun Powder are identical to those of SUN POWDER N°2 - Golden Sun, with an SPF 10 and Ampli Light + pigments. This bestselling shade heightens and illuminates all skin tones with beautiful transparency.

Tresor d’Afrique Palette 5 Couleurs Pour les Yeux (5 Colour Harmony for Eyes) ($62.00)
Purple, indigo and turquoise encounter yellow and ocher to boldly dramatize eyes. Matte or iridescent, these luminous, long-lasting, highly pigmented shadows are easily modulated to dress up the eyelids. Through every metamorphosis you choose, they can be combined in twos or threes, or stand alone for a powerful monochrome effect. This color palette features two foam applicators: a thin one for defining the lash line, and a broader one for shading and blending.

Tresor d’Afrique Palette 5 Couleurs Pour les Lèvres (5 Colour Harmony for Lips) ($62.00)
As multicolored as African jewelry, this alliance of five intense, vibrant colors is designed for precious, radiant, summer-y smiles. The three lip shades – fuchsia, pink and orange – and the two glosses – pink ivory and garnet – are gorgeous on their own or layered for results that are always unique, always flamboyant.

Water-Resistant Eye Shadow ($28.50)

  • N°1 – Pink Sand – a delicate, flesh pink ideal for natural-looking radiance.
  • N°2 – Amethyst Grey – an elegant gray with subtle purple highlights.
  • N°3 – Golden Fern – a soft, khaki green enhanced with gold sparkles.
  • N°4 – Copper Radiance – a deep, warm brown highlighted with copper sparkles.

Poudre de Soleil Sun Powder in N°4 – Iridescent Sun ($48.00)

Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick in N°32 – Frozen Mango, N°33 – Wild Blackberry ($30.00)

Everlong Mascara Waterproof in N°5 – Ever Peacock Blue ($28.50)

Touche Éclat in N°3 – Light Peach ($ 40.00 )

Long-lasting Eye Pencil in N°3 – Ocean Blue, N°12 – Paradise Blue ($28.00)

Shiny Lip Plumper in N°2 – Glossy Plum ($26.00)

Nail Touch in N°2 – Beige Touch, N°4 – Pearly Touch ($26.00)

Top Secrets Flash Radiance Skincare Brush ($52.00)

Availability: On-counter on May 4, 2009

These images and info are credited to Christine over at Temptalia :)

So who else is squee'ing in excitement. That eyeshadow quint will be mine as sure as the sun fries me to a crisp :)


☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

What is with these people and their new blue eyshadows that I feel like I need? They really need to stop...or start sending me free present. Hehe! I've never tried YSL! :(

the-swatchaholic said...

*squees* Wow! The palettes look delicious!

Hannah said...

boo I saw those two quints and I thought the pink one was e/s. That would be what I want! Some fun, bright pinks!

I cannot even begin to fathom the costs in my I'll stick to MAC and MUFE. :(

But it sure looks pretty!! Can't wait to see your looks once you haul some of this stuff!

Krasey Beauty said...

Jacqueline, you know you want that quint. You must try YSL because it is an amazing brand! I have used so many of their products and their is nothing I didn't love! They are pricey, but oh so worth it!

Jeanette, they really do!

Hannah, you know I will be hauling and I will tell you all about it when I do ;)

Pudgy Bunny said...

Mmmm I'm loving the Blue Quint. :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Pudgy Bunny, you and me both!

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