Friday, May 8, 2009

Polish of the Week!

So it seems that Twitter has me catching Nail Polish fever!

So I have blogged before on nails, and I know I mentioned my love for getting weekly manicures.

Well here is the color of the week, Orly Hype!
Hype is a neon purple, and I think I kinda sorta love it!

What are you wearing on your nails today?!


Anonymous said...

Today I'm rocking China Glaze Turned Up Turqoise :-) Next in line is going to be their color Spontaneous (a really pretty lavender shade of purple :-)) I usually never wear polish (because it doesn't seem to last with frequent handwashing) but I think I'm hopping on the bright colored manicured nails bandwagon now!

Willa said...

I wear Midnight plum from Avon plus Let's do it in 3D from China Glaze <3

Dissolved Girl said...

That is a great color! I am crazy about nail polishes too. This week's color is Opi's Hey! get in Lime! I love this color and it is a close dup to MAC's Peppermint Patti.

If you want to check out the color, I have a picture here:

Sunday is manicure day for me, I am considering doing them in the same color again and I never paint my nails the same color two times in a row!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I'm loving purple-y colours right now :)
I've got Zoya Anastasia on

yummy411 said...

i have a sheer pearlescent nude on my nails.. boring right? i was trying to be 'professional' for a gig. =p very pretty color on your nails!

Krasey Beauty said...

AmRam113, turqouise is so hot right now!

Willa, you know I love me some plums!

Dissolved Girl, I missed ya!!! That green is great!

Stefanie, I am loving Zoya lately!

Yummy411, nothing wrong with sheer nudes. My somewhat bright polishes play contrast to my neutral makeup and clothes during the work week ;)

purrtykitty said...

Ooh, pretty!! I've got me some trailer-lookin' nails. Clear with lots of sparkles and chipped!

Krasey Beauty said...

Ain't nothing wrong with trailer-trashtastic ;) Gotta love them sparkles!

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