Thursday, June 11, 2009

Get In Line with Make Up For Ever

Here is a post dedicated to Make Up For Ever Liners: Aqua Cream Liner, Aqua Lip Pencils, and Aqua Eye Pencils to be precise.

Aqua Eye Pencils

I have so much love for the entire aqua eye pencil line. In fact, I love them so much that I already have 8 of these pencils! Aqua Eye Pencils are creamy, richly pigmented, and completely budge proof. They glide onto the eye effortlessly and set almost immediately. Once they are on, they stay on; making them ideal for all day wear. Did I mention these are my go-to waterline pencils for that very reason? Those of you who are familiar with Urban Decay 24/7 liners, aqua liners rank right up there with them!

The new shades in 20 (forest green), 22 (silvery gunmetal grey), and 23 (pearly golden pink) are gorgeous! I knew that as soon as I saw them I definitely had to invite them to join my happy family.

Aqua Lip Pencils

This is another product that has been around for quite a while, but has just launched several new shades for summer. Its true that nothing can make or break your pouty-lipped look like a lipliner can. These liners are creamy, moisturizing, and incredibly long wearing. They will keep your lipstick and gloss in line for an incredibly long time.They do not feather, and glide smoothly onto the lip. The new shades for summer are LOVE. 16 (bright fuchsia) and 18 (vibrant coral) are definitely my favorites!

Aqua Cream Liners

These are by far and without a doubt my favorite cream liners. After picking up the purple matte a loooong loooong time ago (in a galaxy not so far away), I knew I would not rest until I had all the colors.

Aqua cream is a creamy matte gel liner that applies smooth and true to color. Oftentimes, liners that have shimmer in them do not photograph well and give the illusion of unevenness when light reflects off of them. With these liners, all you get is true color that won’t budge, smudge, or fade. I adore these liners and feel they don’t get the love they deserve, being overlooked in favor of other brand's gel liners.

Keep in mind these are drier than your typical fluidlines from MAC or gel liners from Bobbi Brown. They set almost immediately. The dryness is another thing I love about them, since thinner gels are too wet and tend to get all goopy and can take a while to dry. I can slap this liner on and run out the door in minutes if need be, and I love that!

To make a not so short story even longer, I highly recommend each and every one of these three Make Up For Ever liner types. Nobody does long wearing liner in such a stunning array of colors quite like Make Up For Ever does.

Tell me in the comments what your HG liners are!


Hannah said...

Can I say that I REALLY want that blueish looking cream liner?? Ack beautiful!

Truth be told, I've not checked out any liners from MUFE (be they pencil or cream) but your review, well, it makes me want to check them out if I can! When you say they are drier, are they like Stila smudge pot dry (I find them to be quite harder than MAC's fluidlines).


Krasey Beauty said...

Hannah, I actually used the blue in my Illamasqua fotd. It is stunning!

You should definitely take the time to check out the liners! I would say these are even drier than smudge pots (in my exp with smudgepots, they have been very creamy). I would almost liken these creams to a dried out fluidline in texture, only not dried out. HTH

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