Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Illamasqua 2 - Makeup For My Alter Ego

You didn't all think I would keep you in suspense for too long now, did you? ;)

First the swatches:
Gorgeous right? ;)

Part 2 of this post:

I love the slogan, makeup for your alter ego. Everyone has a second side to their personality, a yin to their yang. A little bit naughty to their nice, etc. Working in a corporate office I am forced to tone down the makeup to adhere to the corporate environment (read, boring). Sure, neutrals can be pretty; but neutrals aren't fun!

On weekends I am all about color, and drama. I do not shy away from bright, bold, or smoky. I break makeup rules, and make my own. This is why I identify so well with the brand. Illamasqua brings drama and fun to the cosmetic world, and I would like to think that I do too ;)

Shiseido Hydropower in gold
Illasmasqua Shadows in Yes (lid), Imagine (lid and crease) and Tempt (highlight)
Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Liner in Matte Blue
Chanel Exceptionnel Mascara
Sharp cheek contour done with Illamasqua's Tweak Blush
On the lips: Solstice liquid metal in center with a combo of Petulant and Lily Rose on the outside
Solstice also appears between top and bottom liners on eyes (inner and outer corners)
I know I look a bit angry in the pics but I was going for fierce. I promise!

So what do you all think? I think Illasmasqua is an amazing line with exceptional products, I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to finally explore this brand myself, and cannot wait to try even more! There isn't a product I don't like!

Go have another look at the website, and try not to fall in love ;) Remember, Illamasqua does in fact ship to the US now!

Take a peek by clicking here: Illamasqua.Com


Her Royal Poshness said...

Darling you are about a month late. The contest is over :( I'm gonna go to illamasqua in selfridges and see if they will let me get pictures. Last time I went the manager was a bit difficult.

krista carlson said...

Flippin sweet. You look totally amazing. I love color on you...I can't say enough but WOW!!!!

Belle Du Jour said...

I LOVE THIS! Fantastic look, so creative! You look sensational in this photo! xx

Lotus said...

Fierce to the max. I don't think you look angry, I think you're giving 'modelesque' attitude!! Love it!

Krasey Beauty said...

Hey Royal Poshness, which contest might you be referring to dear? :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Krista, thank you so very much. That is so sweet of you :-D

Krasey Beauty said...

Belle Du Jour, thanks gorgeous lady! ;)

Krasey Beauty said...

Wow Lotus, thank you so much! Seriously, you are too kind. <3

Houston Living said...

Awwww, Robert just said this looks "straight from America's Top Model!". I thought that was sweet. So prettaaayyy!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Houston, tell Robert I love him! Thank you darling!!! Lurve you too!

aziajs said...

Love the look!

Krasey Beauty said...

Azia, thanks pretty lady! ;)

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