Monday, June 1, 2009

Truth or Dare by Zoya

Naughty or Nice, Bold or Demure, Truth or Dare? Whether you are feeling flirty or bold, Zoya has got you covered with this brand new collection launching July 15th.

If you are feeling flirty, you can go for Truth's sparkling, metallic hues. Shades will include:

Penny- copper gold metallic

Kalmia- rose copper metallic
Salma- scarlet red metallic
Isla- venetian red metallic
Anaka- fuchsia metallic glimmer
Drew- mauve rose metallic

If you are feeling gutsy, why not vamp it up with Dare's punchy shades?

Vanessa- blue red cream
Ciara- burgundy plum cream
Demi- purple mauve cream
Pinta - inky violet cream
Envy- gleaming Jade green
Ibiza- gleaming Sapphire blue (with a little shimmer too)
Available July 15th on, these shades most definitely have have me wanting to play a lil game.


the-swatchaholic said...

Oh my! Not only that we will be in MAC heaven in fall.. we also will be in ZOYA heaven! :)

Krasey Beauty said...

The-swatchaholic, you know it ;)

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