Thursday, July 9, 2009

Flawless Foundations with Luminess Air

My recent foray into the world of self-airbrushing with the Luminess Tan system has left me rather excited over the prospect of achieving the same amazing results in other applications. Enter the Luminess Air system, which promises flawless skin and seam free makeup to the masses.
Celebrities and the makeup-savvy know that nothing gives you more flawless coverage than an airbrush machine. Blurring edges and giving the skin a luminous glow, makeup artists everywhere use an airbrush on their clients to make them look the embodiment of perfection. For those of us who do not have a makeup entourage, Luminess Air offers an affordable way to bring a bit of Hollywood glamour into your everyday makeup routine.
Eager to get my inner Pat McGrath on, I set out on my quest to flawless. I started by breezing through the instructional dvd that came with the kit. The first step was figuring out which of the 4 colors in my fair foundation kit was a match, so I took a drop of each and swatched them on my jawline (the best place for swatching foundations by the way). I found that a mixture of F2 (a cool/pink porcelain shade) and F3 (a warmer porcelain shade) created a color that matched my skin perfectly. For reference, I am a MAC NW15, Make Up For Ever 115, Dior Airflash 202, and Armani Luminous Silk shade 4.

Swatches of my matching foundation colors:
As per instructions, I put 10 drops of the foundation in the machine's stylus valve and turned the compressor on. [Of note is the fact that no assembly was required folks, all I had to do was plug the machine in.] Armed with my loaded stylus, I lightly sprayed the foundation onto my face, using small circular motions at a distance of about 6 inches from my face. I ran through the area of my entire face first, and then went back to the areas where I wanted more coverage and lightly sprayed in those spots again. The foundation mist itself felt cool and refreshing, and the super fine mist ensured I didn't get too much in one spot.

When I was done, I stepped back to admire my handiwork both in natural light (sunlight), and in cool artificial light. I am not exaggerating when I say that the result was everything I had hoped it would be and then some. Not only were all of my minor (thankfully) imperfections hidden, but my skin had a natural luminescence to it. I have never been into the matte look, nor am I a fan of too much shimmer in a foundation. The finish this foundation provides is satin, which is a perfect balance for me! I could not stop admiring how gorgeous this foundation made my skin look! It also felt weightless, another huge plus in my book!

Here is the before:
And the after:
Here is what I love about it:

Coverage is completely customizable. You can go from light to medium coverage with just a couple of passes of the stylus.

It is super easy to use, and perfecting your technique is almost instantaneous
It is hygienic, no brushes or fingers needed. The stylus can easily be cleaned by placing some clean water in it and letting it run.
The machine is an amazing multitasker. Not only does it apply your foundation flawlessly, it also does eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, and shimmer. The starter kit even comes with a beautiful pale shimmer highlighter liquid and a bronzer liquid too!
Did I mention it makes my skin look amazing?!

Here is what I don’t love about it:
Nothing. Honestly, I never thought I would fall so deep in love with the airbrushing method, but I have. While I will continue to use my beloved Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, I will reach for my Luminess just as often and with the same amount of enthusiasm. I am hooked on the look of the new, airbrushed me!

The Luminess Air system is available here: Luminess I love it loads, and I think that if you are anything like me, then you will love it too. Flawless skin never came so easy!


Mama Laura said...

Glad you like it. I've been waffling back and forth on whether to get it... I think I'll take the plunge.

krista carlson said...

It looks so great. Flawless....

Krasey Beauty said...

Mama Laura, do it! I don't think you will regret it. I love it!

Krasey Beauty said...

Krista, thank you!!

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