Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zoya Nail System

My nails have a new support team system (a.k.a nail fixers and manicure extenders); and its name is the Zoya Color Lock System. With 5 treatments and a nail polish remover, this system is literally everything that you need to keep your manicure in tip top shape. It is designed to form a protective barrier against moisture, bubbling, chipping and UV damage; keeping your manicure fresher, longer.

This kit comes with:

Zoya Remove+ - A gentle nailpolish remover
Zoya Anchor- Basecoat
Zoya Get Even- Ridge Filling Basecoat
Zoya Armor- Topcoat and UV Block
Zoya Hurry Up- Speedy Dry Drops
and Zoya New Renew- A nail polish rejuvenator that thins basecoats, topcoats, and nailpolishes.

I have been using this for my manicures for the past few weeks, and I love it! It is literally everything I need for a great manicure housed in one neat kit.

The Zoya Color Lock System Complete Kit is available on the Art of Beauty website here. Use it, love it, and your nails will thank you.


Crissy said...

I really need something for chipping ha

Krasey Beauty said...

Crissy, this works fantastically!!

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