Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Smashbox High Definition Dual Finish Powder Review

Smashbox is so underrated as a cosmetics brand, its not even funny. Ever since the Makeup Show, I have rediscovered my adoration for the amazing cutting-edge products, and I don't want to look back.

Up for review is the not yet released Smashbox High Definition Dual Finish Powder with UVA/UVB SPF 15. This was available for a day on the Smashbox website, but officially launches in August! In today's H.D environment, the beauty world is quickly inventing ways to minimize the appearance of fine lines and imperfections by creating new formulations designed to accentuate and perfect the texture of the skin, all while still looking natural. Smashbox HD Dual Finish Powder is one of those examples of cutting edge beauty that performs.

What is it:
Smashbox High Definition Dual Powder is a translucent, oil-absorbing powder that protects while providing three different finishes. Select “matte” to absorb shine, select “luminous” for a natural glow, or select “mix” to get the best of both! The velvety, silica-based powder blurs fine lines, while SPF 15 protects against harmful UV rays. It can be worn alone or over foundation, and is suitable for all skin tones.

Smashbox HD Powder comes in a tube with a flow-through brush that you turn clockwise to get the desired finish that you want. This is perfect for travel, and completely mess free thanks to the "off" position you can turn the dial to, and the cover that slides up to completely cover the brush. This is definitely a must have for any handbag, especially for my gals with oily skin who need frequent touchups.

How do you use it:
Simply turn the collar until you land in your desired finish (matte, luminescant, or a mix of both). Turn the brush upside down and shake until the powder appears on the brush head, turn the collar back to off, and apply powder as desired wherever you need it.
Application Tips:
- For a matte finish: twist the barrel to “matte” to release the perfect amount of mattifying powder into the built-in brush. Target powder in more oil prone areas for added oil control.
- For a luminous finish: twist the barrel to “luminous” to release the powder. Target cheekbones, bridge of nose, and chin to give skin added radiance.
- For the best of both: twist the barrel to “mix” and apply where desired.

Active Ingredients:
- Silica
- Zinc Oxide

Since it is hard to swatch a colorless powder, I would like for you to instead click on the pic to zoom in, and notice the difference in finishes from top photo (matte) to bottom photo (luminous). Also notice how the powder blurs the wrinkles on the back of my hand.

The final Verdict:
I have never been one to fuss with finishing powders, but I really do love this powder from Smashbox. The ability to adjust the finish, the SPF protection, and the neat packaging all get raves from me. I cannot find one fault with this product, it is perfect! It has become a permanent addition to my makeup bag, I love it that much! I think it would be amazing if Smashbox eventually expands on utilizes the same packaging and ideas for colored powders as well (think bronzers, blushes, and luminizers).

Smashbox High Definition Dual finish will be available in August, and will retail for $38

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Smashbox website, for more cutting edge beauty

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