Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Body By Brigitte Wax Strips Kit Review

Body by Brigitte is a line of at-home waxing products that allow you to wax painlessly whenever and wherever you want. Each kit comes with self adhesive waxing strips, pre-treatment anesthetizing towelettes, and post-treatment soothing towelettes with lavender to ensure the process is as painless as possible from start to finish. After having tried my luck and failing miserably with an at home hard wax kit, I hoped that this kit was the answer to my at home waxing woes.

Having of course tested this out, I have devised a convenient step-by-step guide to using this particular kit.

Step 1: Find a box.... errr I mean, open up the box and lay out the strips and wipes

Step 2: Prep the area to be waxed by swiping it with the pre-treatment towelette

Step 3: Peel the adhesive backing off the strip, place the strip on your leg, and run your hand over the strip to make sure it is on there well.

Step 4: Psyche yourself up to rip the strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth while holding the skin taut

Step 5: Hesitate, and think if you are really ready for the pain. Five minutes later, decide its about time

Step 6: Quickly peel the strip off, and marvel over how painless that was. See, you were just being a big baby, weren't you?

Step 7: Repeat until the desired area is as smooth as a baby's bottom

Step 8: Wipe the soothing treatment towelette all over freshly waxed skin
Step 9: Admire all the used strips covered in nasty, coarse hair (the carnage). Pat yourself on the back for your fearlessness and ingenuity, and prepare to show off those legs
The good:
Relatively painless
Comes with both pre-treating towlettes to clean and anesthesize, and lavender towlettes to soothe
Once hair is off, it stays off for a while. I found my results last me over a week, whereas with shaving it is 2 days.
Easy to use and completely foolproof, just peel, stick, press, and yank

The bad:
For those with thick, coarse hair like mine; these strips don't always yank out all the hairs. As a result, you may have to go over an area a second time.
One box provides a single use for both legs, but if you have a larger area to wax, the box might not be enough.

If you have manageable hair, I say definitely go for these. They are low on the pain and effort factors.

Check out Body by Brigitte here, and tell me what you think. What are your experiences with home waxing?


Arezu said...

I don't think I've found anything to work as far as at home waxing kits, like you, they work, but you have to go over and over the same spot.

And lol @ the picture on the box, how appropriate? haha

GlossMenagerieDotCom said...

Hilarious review darling.
The one time I tried home waxing...oh dear... when my mom heard I was going to do it, she bought me alcohol (I was 20) because she thought I'd need it. Picture me getting tipsy off of hard lemonades, spending the evening attempting to wax my legs under the bright lights of my apartment kitchen while listening to loud music. Yeah. It was HORRIBLE, lol. I ended up giving up and just drinking the hard lemonades...
These sound good though! I like the idea of the pre-treating thingy with numbing stuff. THAT is a great idea. Question though, when you say "relatively painless", have you waxed your legs the "traditional way" before? Because when I did my own it hurt like a b*tch. :( I'm curious about these but I'm also a major wuss, haha.

Anonymous said...

Being male, waxing is not something I think about, as without wanting to show up all the male sex, but we are to scared to do it.

But I loved the box reference and are those shoes Christian Louboutins?

Krasey Beauty said...

Jodimyatt, waxing is such a pain! I wish the shoes were Louboutins, they are actually from bebe.

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