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Softlips- The Essential Product for Fall's Hottest Trend, Fierce Red Lips

Question: How many times have you gone to put on an amazing new lipstick (burgandy is so hot right now), only to have it drag across a dry and flaky pout?

Answer: Probably more times than you would care to admit.

There is nothing worse than not being able to pull off a lipstick, all because you forgot to moisturize your flapping lips. Fortunately, it is a problem that is easily solved with the right product. A nifty little lipbalm appropriately called Softlips is the product your dry lips desire.

Softlips Lip Conditioners are to supple lips what little pink umbrellas are to a pina colada, a necessity. They glide on effortlessly, taste amazing, and keep your lips slick and pouty no matter what. When you consider the fact that these cuties also provide your lips with sun protection, its a virtual no-brainer.

When you hold that slim white tube of moisturizing goodness in your hands, you hold the golden ticket to a world full of hot new lip trends for fall. Not sure which trends I am talking about? Well, Celebrity Makeup Artist Belinda Moss has some clues.


This fall and winter, bring fullness, boldness and definition to the lips by applying rich, red hues. The word of mouth, according to Moss, who has worked with Eva Longoria, BeyoncĂ©, and Scarlett Johansson (to name a few), is that you don’t need to be a Hollywood starlet to pull off wearing red on your lips.

Moss, who is a consulting makeup artist for Softlips, says “everyone can pull off this look so long as you understand which shades complement your particular skin tone and hair color, and you used some tricks for application.”

Here, Moss pours out her red-pout advice:

For Picking the Best Red for You: Moss suggests that fair-skinned ladies choose true red colors (i.e., berry or brick), medium-skin hues try orange-based shades (i.e., spicy or brown-based reds) and dark-skinned women pick deep red shades (i.e., blackberry and burgundy).

Mix and Match: Moss suggests purchasing a few lipsticks and glosses to experiment with them, like most make-up artists do, to help create your perfect shade of red…mixing and matching several colors to come up with a signature color.

Chase Away Chapped Lips: Moss says red colors can emphasize any chapping/flakes or lip creases, and can more easily “bleed” outside the lips. To help effectively pull off this beauty style, Moss suggests the following tricks:

· Repair: Slough off dead skin with a soft toothbrush in order to have a smooth base for lipstick or lip gloss application.

· Cover: An excellent, anti-feathering lip base is already in your bag…your concealer or liquid foundation; apply this facial make-up to the outside edge of the lips to help prevent the lip color from “bleeding” onto surrounding skin.

· Line: It is very important to match your lip liner to your lipstick; it is equally important to apply this liner to the entire lip, not just the edges; using a lip liner will not only help define your lips, but it will also help set a border for both the lip balm and lipstick.

· Balm Your Lips: After the application of lip liner, apply a coat of Softlips lip balm with SPF 20 to help condition your lips and protect them from sun damage. This product will soften and moisturize the lips without making them waxy or greasy for the top coat of lipstick or lip gloss.

· Brush on Red: For maximum precision with the red lipstick, use a lip brush to apply your lipstick neatly and evenly.

· Smile: Check to make sure no lipstick has rubbed off onto your teeth; red lipstick on your teeth can be unforgiving.

This is the look we are going for:

Clearly, smooth lips do a great red lip base make. At $2.99 each, Softlips are ridiculously affordable and very recessionista friendly. You can find them available everywhere from Target to Rite Aid, and come in fun flavors ranging from mint to acai berry. There is literally a flavor to suit every one of your cravings.

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FabDiva20 said...

What I do to make my lips soft is that you can mix sugar and olive oil together to make a lip exfoliator and you apply it on your lips and it gets rid of the flakees off of your lips and rinse with warm water. It works wonders!

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