Thursday, August 20, 2009

Estee Lauder & Taaz- A Match Made in Online Makeover Heaven


Perhaps you have always wanted to try red lipstick, smoky eyes, or even a new haircolor. Maybe you are looking to create a whole new you, or just looking to change it up a bit. It isn't always that easy to embrace new looks, find out how to achieve change, or even to find the products to create certain looks. The good news is, the openness to change is where the possibility for fun happens. With the internet at your disposal, you have the tools to get it done. Leading the pack and going above and beyond, Taaz (THE online makeover website) holds within it veritable plethora of options that allows you to switch things up without ever leaving your chair.

For those of you who are unfamiliar (and shame on you!), Taaz is an amazing online makeover website that literally allows you to alter any aspect of your face/hair's appearance. No matter what you are looking to change, Taaz has got you covered with everything from hair and eye color to lipgloss shade. All you need to do is upload a photo, select key symmetry points on your face, and click through the options to a whole new you. Conveniently enough, Taaz has recommendations for actual products you can use to recreate the look on yourself.

Once you are done, you can share, save, idolize, or cringe at the results of your virtual makeover experiment. Of course you know, the combinations are endless.

Are you digging the new eye color and new 'do? I think I am :)

My first go-round on the site was over a year ago, and I loved it so much that I play around with my look all the time. It is a great tool to use before a trip to the salon, or even to the department stores. It really is a ton of fun!

To take things to the next level, Taaz has partnered with Estee Lauder to bring let's play makeover- a fun new widget that allows you to make yourself over using the entire Estee Lauder cosmetics line. Not only can you switch up your look, but the site conveniently allows you to purchase whichever products you have used in your virtual makeover. They are literally bringing the counter to you, and I am all for that.

Here is the result of my virtual makeover, and I must say I rather like that dark lip combination on me. Very fall appropriate, if I do say so myself. ;)

So what are you waiting for? Check out both and the Let's Play Makeover widget on Estee Lauder's site, and have a play at a fabulous new look. Trust me, you just might be inspired to really change things up a bit.

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Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

omg! So much fun! Your hair looks super hot in the first pic and lippie is gorgeous in second too!!


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