Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make Up Designory Cosmetics Launches You Straight Into Fall

There, I got that out of my system. Considering the above statement, it is no wonder that I am so excited for fall's rich color palette. Trends are dictating that rich shades of copper, bronze, purple, and gold are it; and I cannot wait to rock the intense eyes and lips that are so indicative of dropping temperatures and falling leaves. Leave it to Make Up Designory (MUD) to capture the essence of Fall with their Fall 2009 color collection.

Many have heard the Makeup Designory, but few know that the famous MUD (Makeup Designory) school also produces an outstanding line of color cosmetics. Wide ranging, of excellent quality, and very affordable, MUD's color line is outstanding. With colors that are intense, long-wearing, silky smooth, and ultra-pigmented, MUD's offerings are a must have for color junkies. The newest launch for Fall 2009 is absolutely gorgeous, with colors that have me itching to wear them, warmer temps be darned.

Enough blabber, lets get right to the colors.

Voodoo Eyeshadow: My favorite of the lot, voodoo is an intense purple bordering on blue. I have seen this particular shade all over the Gucci ads for fall, and am so excited to rock this come September.

Bronzed Eyeshadow: Runner up for my favorite, bronzed is a stunning bright copper that packs one heck of a metallic punch.

Cajun Spice Eyeshadow- Cajun spice is bronzed's pinky/coral cousin.

Brownstone Eyeshadow- Like a warm cup of milk chocolate, brownstone is a rich deep brown, with a hint of red.

Daisy Eyeshadow- A true yellow, Daisy is the color of cornmeal, with a hint of gold. I have never seen a shadow of yellow quite like it, and would love to see how this shade plays with orange.

Pumpkin Cheek Colour- An intense orangey/coral matte with a healthy dose of pigmentation. This color IS the fall, no doubt about it.

Gingerbread Cheek Colour- A rich, warm, golden shade of brown with a light dose of shimmer. This shade would ROCK on darker skintones.


Left-Right: Voodoo, Bronzed, Cajun Spice, Brownstone, Daisy

Top: Pumpkin Bottom: Gingerbread

MUD Cosmetics are rocking my color-loving world this fall. The whole line is available at the MUD shop, so definitely go check it out. You can purchase the shades individually, or in palette refill form, making everything convenient and affordable. The whole fall line has my highest seal of approval.


sizbelle said...

Wow, their color are really pigment and they look great on swatches... I personally like the bronze and cajun spice. Gota check them out..

Burlesque Show Beauty said...

Cajun Spice looks great!

Krasey Beauty said...

Sizbelle, the MUD products are exceptional. I highly recommend checking them out, the whole line is super affordable. :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Burlesque, it is! Definitely check it out if you can :)

JennXOXO said...

Wow those are pretty!

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