Monday, October 12, 2009

Revitalash for Lashes that Reach New Heights

It is no secret that long, lush lashes are always a beauty "do." When asked what beauty item they can't live without, women will most likely answer with a makeup staple that rhymes with canberra. Lash extensions are on the rise, and falsies are every woman's going out staple. Clearly, having full lashes is kind of a big deal.

If you knew you could enhance your lashes naturally, you would jump on that wagon, right? Well folks, my second foray into the world of lash serums has led me (and as a result, you) to Revitalash. Thoroughly pleased with the volume I gained using Marini Lash, I sought to increase the length of my now-fuller fringe. Revitalash promised to do just that, and then some.

It applies the same as other lash enhancers, in that you paint a thin layer onto the base of the lashline every night before bed. Take care not to get it into your eyes, as it might cause irritation. It takes a commitment of at least 5 weeks, but the results are so completely worth it.

I started using this on Monday, August 31st. Here are the results from present day. Pictures don't lie, and here is the before and after:

Group shot of both eyes:

I am really stunned by the results. Having been using this every single day for 6 weeks, I was a bit discouraged at the supposed lack of results. It wasn't until plucking my eyebrows and nearly plucking out an eyelash along with it that I stopped to really take a look at the results. While the Marini Lash contributed to the thickness and density of my lashes, Revitalash helped my lashes reach ridiculous new lengths. Color me incredibly impressed!

It is also worth mentioning that Revitalash supports Breast Cancer research. "Athena Cosmetics, Inc. has donated $10,000 to support forward-looking research projects, including the Tumor Vaccine Group at the University of Washington. This contribution makes the latest in the company’s on-going commitment to fight Breast Cancer."

If you are looking for a significant increase in lash length with a product that supports a great cause, look no further than Revitalash, available at the Plaza Beauty by Warren Tricomi.


VexInTheCity said...

Whoa! I'm loving these lash growth posts I've been reading lately. I really want to try one of them. How fab must your lashes look with mascara now?


Taryn said...

These products definitely work. I was using Lumigan (which is Latisse, but is not labeled for it), on my lashes, and they really grew, but I didn't like the side effects that Latisse/Lumigan could cause, so I switched to RapidLash, and it's amazing. It's kept all the progress I made while using Lumigan, and it's only $50.

RevitaLash was good too, but if you want to save money when you run out of your next tube, give RapidLash a try. :)

JustJenny said...

thats amazing
i use the model co lash and brow growth, its pretty good but i havn't been too consistent

love the blog new follower!

Krasey Beauty said...

Yinka, I definitely love the length I have achieved. I just need a fabulous voluminizing mascara now. Definitely research it, and find the one that will work for you

Krasey Beauty said...

Taryn, thank you for the tip. With so many products on the market, it is hard to know what is actually good!

Krasey Beauty said...

Just Jenny, thanks! Welcome to my little corner of the internet :)

One thing that I have found in using these types of products is that you really need to be consistent, and patient to see the results. Not always easy, I know. :)

georgiexoxo said...

Wow, that's amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

Krasey Beauty said...

Georgiexoxo, you are very, very welcome :)

McKell said...

I love everything about RevitaLash. I use it, RevitaBrow, and their mascara and I love all of them. I can already tell a huge difference. I would definitely recommend these to everybody!

Krasey Beauty said...

McKell, as would I!

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