Monday, August 31, 2009

Rohto Eye Drops, Tired Eye's Best Friend


A busy lifestyle isn't always easy on the sleep schedule, and I personally get no more than 6 hours a night on average between my day job, beauty blogging, and social functions. Lack of sleep isn't exactly one part of the look pretty formula, so oftentimes I have to fake it using products designed to make me look a bit more rested. Lack of sleep actually takes a toll on my peepers, making them appear red, irritated, and altogether not so pretty.

This might be a dramatization, but I feel like they look something like this:

Not pretty, not pretty at all. Nothing ruins a gorgeous, crisp smoky eye more than tired, bloodshot eyes (flames reflected therein are optional).
Fortunately, Rohto has me covered with their fantastic line of Hydra eye drops. Designed to take me from red and irritated, to cool crisp white in no time flat, these drops are a lifesaver. They immediately cool and clarify my tired Scleras (the white part of your eye), making me smoky eye and camera closeup ready.

You can find Rohto at Walmart, Walgreens, and At a price range of $7-$9, they are a cheap and easy way to fake awake yourself.


HeidiB said...

BTW, did you know that actually "rohto" is a finnish slang word that means the same as drug or medicine ^^

Steph said...

Adina! I Just found these Rohto drops recently too! I got them in a Shecky's bag I think? Anyways- love them- although they sting a little since they obviously work hard to clear up full time job+blogger-eye effects!

Sorry I've been so MIA lately- very crazy lately- hopefully I'll see you @ the next Beauty Bloggers event or @ NYFW? let me know!


Krasey Beauty said...

Heidi, thanks for the piece of information. Very cool! :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Steph, I cannot wait to see you! Lets talk more soon!

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