Monday, August 31, 2009

Scult Yourself Perfect

Michelangelo may have created perfection when he sculpted his famous David, but unfortunately, we can't all be chiseled from a block of stone into marbleized flawlessness. We can however 'chisel' our way to a more sculpted face, with the proper tools and skills. All we need is the help of a little cosmetic magic; combining know-how, with just a little bit of pow(d)er. it Cosmetics has put it all together for you with the My Sculpted Face palette. Now we can all channel our inner Michelangelo, by sculpting away roundness, revealing a more chiseled face.

First, a background:
Contouring tricks the eyes into seeing a more angular plain by using shadow to conceal, and light to accentuate. In the cosmetic sense, you are essentially taking dark, matte powders to create sharp (but blended) lines of definition, essentially creating faux 'indentations' where there are none. Shadow sucks points in.

To finish the effect, you are using light-reflecting powders and pigments to 'spotlight' points, bringing them out and immediately attracting the eye . The contrast between light and dark is what tricks your brain into seeing sharper angles that aren't there naturally.


My Sculpted Face is a universal palette, with 4 different contouring (shading) powders, and 2 different highlighting powders. Not ones to leave their customers in the round, the folks at it Cosmetics throw in a handy-dandy facechart, making this kit virtually foolproof. Simply use your brush of choice- preferably something with a tapered end, to sculpt your face slimmer. I promise, you will discover that your cheekbones do in fact, exist. The powders themselves get bonus points for being waterproof (sweatproof!), and moisturizing with Vitamin E and Jojoba oil.

Just so you know I am not yanking your chain, here is the result of some careful contouring from this past weekend.
Get yourself a My Sculpted Face Kit, and sculpt yourself flawless. Seriously, it is a must have.

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