Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shu Uemura Tokyo Kamon Girls Cleansing Oils by Moyoko Anno

I have blogged before on the magical Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils, now feast your eyes on the hi-res images and full collection story from Shu's limited edition collaboration with Moyoco Anno, a Tokyo-born manga artist.

Each bottle was designed by Moyoco Anno herself, and takes on its own distinctive personality with a different Tokyo Kamon girl on each one. Capturing the essence of emotion and femininity, each bottle is a work of art.


• Excellent for all skin conditions, the formula’s Camellia and Ginger Root Oils help to
maintain skin’s moisture, leaving it feeling comfortable and as soft as a petal.
• Leaves and vines playfully intertwine in the design, which also features heartshaped
flower petal icons.
• Wanting to communicate the idea of “brilliance”, Moyoco depicts a serene girl who
embodies the essence of happiness and true fulfillment.


• A light oil that refreshes and refines oily to combination skin.
• Formulated with Cherry Extract to remove excess skin cells and tighten pores.
• A cherry blossom and chrysanthemum, Japan’s most symbolic bloom, kamon adorn
the bottle.
• The pink motif and image of a very cute, charming girl complements the pink
colored formula and represents the pure and innocent qualities in a woman.

• Bitter Orange Peel, Tomato Extract, Red Pepper Extract enrich, nourish and comfort
dry skin.
• The checkered pattern on the packaging is drawn from traditional kimono textiles.
• Inspired by the formula’s orange tone, the kamon symbol is formed of the leaves of
a mandarin fruit.
• Moved by the energetic and strong-willed female, Moyoco depicted a girl whose
long hair and bangs hark back to powerful traditional images of Japanese female

• Fatigued and aging skin is purified, moisturized and revitalized with Green Tea
Extract, which contains Catechin known for its anti-oxidant properties that restore
• Decorated with a magnificent Japanese pine and a woman who lovingly manicures
her bonsai plant, the bottle’s images were inspired by the deep green of the
formula as well as the reserved, elegant and graceful disposition of a highly
revered Japanese woman.

• Sakura Leaf and Prune extract swiftly remove makeup and impurities to reveal
smoother, brighter, more clarified skin.
• The design’s green accents bring to mind the youth and vitality of fresh leaves,
while the purple wisteria is known for its longevity and fertility in ancient Japanese
• A popular color combination in Japan, these hues brought to mind the coquettish,
mysterious and alluring aspect of women and can be seen in the Moyoco’s image
of the girl whose parted hair covers one eye in a flirtatious way.

No matter what your personality or skincare needs, you are bound to find the cleansing oil for you. Me? Well I am gravitating towards fresh, cause I am a sucker for pink. ;)

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