Friday, September 25, 2009

Passion for Fashion- Jazzy Jewelry

I think I am going to start a trend here on KraseyBeauty. I will call it Fashion Friday, and in those posts I will focus on pieces that I am loving/coveting/or proudly displaying.

Let's start this feature off right with some amazing jewelry. Everyone and their grandma knows about QVC and HSN, but rarely do us 20-somethings really watch and indulge in the stuff we find when hopping channels. Well folks, I just couldn't resist. Here are my newest baubles, courtesy of Victoria Wieck (HSN) and Lauren G Adams (QVC)

Lauren G Adams Checkboard Princess Cut Cocktail Ring

I absolutely adore anything purple, and this larger than life ring pushes all the right buttons

Victoria Wieck Absolute Sterling Silver Champage Koala Ring

Isn't she adorable?! This ring on first glance is your typical champagne quartz. On closer inspection, the adorable koala just sort of jumps out at you.

Clearly, you can find some gems on them home shopping channels. Victoria Wieck is my absolute favorite jewelry designer, and I own so many of her vintage-looking gemstone pieces that it borders on obsession.

What are your fab jewelry finds, in the most unlikely of places?


krista carlson said...

I really like those pretty....I usually buy things from the antique stores. Nothing expensive. I do buy off of etsy too....

Houston Living said...

Holy Lord!! I love that cocktail ring. I needs to get on the shopping channel asap!!

BTW, your nails look amazing!!

<3 U!!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Krista, thank you! I adore unique pieces, no matter where I find them :)

Krasey Beauty said...

D, you need to check these bad boys out, and I <3 you more!

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