Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zoya goes Glam

In this fall's polish trends, you are either super matte, or full out ultra-glittered.

Zoya has satisfied our cravings for all colors rich and matte, now they kick up the volume and go full-out disco glam with the Ultra Glitter Collection for Holiday 2009.

Available 10/1/2009, these polishes would make any self-respecting Abba fan weep with joy.

Luna (ZP501) - Silver ultraglitter
Astra (ZP502) - Peach/Rose ultraglitter
Nova(ZP503) - Magenta ultraglitter

Break out the afro pick and platform shoes, its time to disco disco.


purrtykitty said...

I already pre-ordered Astra and Nova and am so excited to get 'em!

Krasey Beauty said...

K, good call! Can't wait to hear your thoughts! :)

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